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How is Deadmemory?

Does anyone know how Krystal/Deadmemory is doing?  I am extremely worried about her.  

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Hi all. I just spoke with Krystal/deadmemory. She has viral meningitis and is on a new steroid. If this doesn't work, and she does not start to get better then her DR will admit her to the Hospital for a LP and IV meds. She said it was ok for me to update everyone and is thankful for us checking on her.

~ I am sure that she would appreciate all of our prayers and well thoughts. She said she was resting earlier and I really hope that she can continue to rest well.
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I have been wondering the same thing. I have her number, I have never called before, but I am going to try to call her in a few minutes.
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I called but got no answer, and I just sent her a text. If I recieve anything back I will let you know.

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Thanks, I appreciate that.  
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No problem. Still no text back. Maybe this means that she is in the hospital getting the treatment she needs. That is what I am hoping for.
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I so hope so.  Well, she is in my prayers as well.  
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  Thanks for the update, this is kinda what we felt she had going on...sorry it was confirmed, but it is best so she can get it treated.

Send our well wishes to Krystal for us : )
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I will do so Selma. I know this is what we all feared, and I really hope that this strand of steriods does the job for her so she can feel better.
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Thanks dear......
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Hello everyone,

Just dropped in to check my profile since it has been awhile. Rahe texted (and called) yesterday to check on me, all my friends were concerned. I must say that I got very leaky eyeballs last night. You ladies sure do know how to make a girl feel special.

I am feeling much better today. NO FEVER! I am praying I am on the mend and that I can begin the recovery process.

God bless you all
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  Hi Krystal....so glad to hear from u!!!

and praying u continue to be on the mend...so along with prayers sending my special healing  MoJo  : )
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Good to hear you are getting better!
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Thanks Selma and Matty! I appreciate you guys very much!!

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Praying so much for you! Glad you are on the mend and hope that continues!
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Hope that this trend of getting better and no fever continues !!! Great to hear from you. Prayers for you always !
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So glad to hear from you.  It looks like the new med is working for you.  I just wanted to tell you that your in my heart and prayers.  Everyday will be a stronger day.  
Bless you our Chairian friend.
Linda :)
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Yay Krystal!

I am so relieved you got the proper diagnosis and are on a correct medication!! You are surrounded by several people who care a great deal about you! I hope that you continue to heal and that you do not experience any more fevers!  

Take care and good luck hun
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