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How often should I wash hair and what shampoo after Chiari decompression surgery?

Hi everyone and sorry if this has been asked before but I hear so many different things, from Drs, my Ns , nurses etc. what has worked for you and your thoughts? I have super long hair ( well what's left of it any way lol) In the hospital the nurses did not let me wash my hair for five days!! Yes gross!! Pre surgery I washed daily!!!When my Amazing NS came in he said of course I could and should have been able to. Then I was told only wash once a week at home and use a shower cap otherwise. The Ns said shower and wash hair as usual and just don't soak Insicion or scrub. Looks like I'm going to take his advice but what is the best shampoo to use ? They did not mention what I could or could not use. I heard baby shampoo but with my long hair i need conditioner to prevent tangles, no way I can brush tangles out of my hair right now . What have you other ladies used ?? Conditioner? Leave in cream,  spray detangler?? Thanks so much !
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   Hi...If you wash your hair daily you will dry out the skin around the incision and it will pull on it causing it to open....so, use the most gentle shampoo you can and shampoo as little as possible...I did it once a week.....and it worked well for my thick shoulder length hair.....

I also used a large tooth comb which helped with tangles....and I too use conditioner....

Shampoos formulated for baby's is what I was told...and I would not follow your NS's advice as it may lead to the itching and pulling I mentioned above......from what I was told the NP and PA had the better info on hair washing and coloring....so, I did what they advised....and I still had the drying of skin and the pulling with some areas that did open and ooze....so, if you begin to have those issues you will know how to cut back and help correct it.
Thanks Selma!  I did wash with baby shampoo last night and kept incision dry. I'm already getting tons of itching witch has been driving me crazy to not itch it , but I guess it's part of the healing process.
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  Oh yeah...that itch is not good as it is also the hair growing back in...skin drying out....sigh....but go as long as you can btwn shampoos....

My hubby did wash my hair for me for the first month ....and was able to avoid  the incision as well....

  Keep us posted on your progress.
Thanks again! Trying sooo hard not to itch lol!!!
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  I know  it is not easy....hang in there <3
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I've had 4 decompressions and am lucky enough to still live with my mom since we're financially dependent on one another =p so she helped me wash and brush my hair. We did it about every other day. For the first couple weeks I used baby shampoo and a leave in spray conditioner (Aussie) to help brush the knots out. I leaned over the kitchen sink because it was at the perfect height to not put any strain on my neck. It was heaven when I was able to go back to using my Head & Shoulders because I have awful dandruff lol. I never had any issues with my skin drying out or anything like that except for my usual dandruff and my mom was careful not to get the incision wet. The only itching I had was when the incision started to heal which is perfectly normal =]
Leaned forward over the kitchen sink by the way. I probably would have died leaning backwards lol
Thank you. I have been just parting it down the middle and washing it that way. I'm becoming  talented at it lol!
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  That is how I had mine washed too...leaning forward over the kitchen sink....not sure how else to do it and my Hubby washed it for me avoiding my incision.....
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