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How to be sure ?!

As the title shows, how can I be 100% sure that my headaches are from chiari or not,

I got no other symptoms than headache always one sided (right or left) that doesnt really go away unless I sleep and wake up the next morning,

I'm not giving to see doctors anymoere, bcz they drive me crazy.

My mri and ct show a low lying cerebellum at the base of the foramen magnum, or 0mm herniation when lying down on my back, dunno if this changes while standing, also NO syrinx in my whole spin ..
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Hi...do you know if you have a CSF obstruction or other Chiari related conditions besides Syringomyelia? Other conditions like EDS can also cause similar headaches....a Dr is your best bet to find  out and know....and I understand how you feel about them I had similar feelings during my struggle to get a DX and know what to do about it.
I have this referred to the CSF, The pituitary gland occupies the inferior portion of the sella. The superior portion is CSF- filled. This is consistent with a partially-empty sella. , Normal chord morphology, and then the 4-5 mm of cerebellar tonsillar herniation consistent with mild chiari type 1 malformation.  I know I go to my thyroid/ hormone dr Thursday, I know from the bloodwork I just had done that my pituitary gland is not working, and I read that if it’s not and it’s flattened like this MRI reads that I will need to be put on meds, and I pray they are not steroids because I have gained 40 lbs since this thyroid diagnosis in the past 4 yrs. Everyone blames the weight gain on the failed back surgery but they all don’t know my battle with the thyroid as well. I have had my hearing and my inner ears checked, that what the neurologist that ordered this test and never brought up either of my diagnosis with me, if I had not already got a copy of my test for my thyroid dr I wouldn’t have know about the pituitary or chiari diagnosis. He also did a EMG for my brachial plexus area said I had no nerve damage there, I don’t know who gave him his dr license but they must be dumber than this guy was. I have had EMG’s from the top of my head to my toes. I think my 6 yr old granddaughter is smarter than him. But I’m used to it around here. We get a good dr, they don’t stay long. Anyway thank you, I haven’t been home until now so I need to check a few more of these drs out.
So you still need to have a CINE MRI to see if you have an obstrcution to CSF flow......
The thyroid issues are what many of us have....mine was DX as Hashimoto's thyroiditis....I was on thyroid meds prior to surgery and for 6 months post op, but then my levels were ok and I have been off thyroid meds since.

Keep me posted on your progress and if I can be of any help.
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