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How to get a doctor to review results of MRI

Good afternoon,

I am reaching out to this forum for the first time as I am not sure where else to turn.

I have been suffering from Chiari Malformation-like symptoms for more than 2 years now (head aches, widespread muscle weakness and pain, numbness, ringing and pain in the ears, reduced hearing, reduced focus and memory, shakiness in extremities, unsteadiness on feet, restless legs, heart palpitations, muscle spasms, and a handful more).

I don't have a family doctor, and as such I got into the system via a walk-in clinic (in Montreal that is), as well as a couple ER visits. For the past year and a half I have been going to a Pain Management unit at the Montreal General Hospital for a total of about 4 appts. Since the beginning, all of my tests have come back negative, and no doctor has been able to provide insight in to what's wrong with me other than the occasional mention of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Prescribed medications to treat those theories have been unsuccessful.  

Fast forward to a couple months ago, when I got the results of a brain CT suggesting the presence of Chiari Malformation. I have since had a MRI (last Tuesday, May 27) in order to confirm the presence of a malformation.

The problem is that now the only doctor I am dealing with (located at the pain clinic) is unable to see me to give me my results until the middle of August. The results will be available within a week or 2, but I can't even see them until August?! This causes huge problems for me. I am currently working in Montreal, but I am quitting at the end of July (I have already given notice and a replacement is being hired), in order to attend McGill Law in the fall. If I do in fact quit, and then get diagnosed with Chiari afterwards, the severity of my symptoms will quite possibly lead to a surgical treatment option. I know that that is presumptuous but given the effects of this condition on my memory and focus, it would be something I would need to sort out before starting law school regardless of treatment option. Obviously, in that situation, I would be unable to attend school in the fall. I will also not be employed, having quit in July.

I am worried that not being able to get anyone to tell me whether in fact I have Chiari and whether I'll require surgery before mid-August, will cause me to be in this strange middle zone where I will have reduced access to disability/EI payments (since I had already quit my job), and I won't have my student loans or lines of credits because I will no longer be attending school in the fall. Essentially, I would have zero income. This is a very scary notion... (but perhaps an incorrect one? If anyone has any insight into such things as disability and unemployment services in Quebec, please do share!)

My main question is whether there are any other ways I can have a doctor review my results without having to wait for the Pain Clinic in August. Having no direct contact with any physician at the Pain Clinic (only the receptionists, who have denied any request to actually talk to the doctor in question), no family doctor and no other options, how can I go about having my file reviewed by a doctor? Is there anything I can do? If not have a doctor review the results, is there at least some way for me to have access to the results to give me some sort of idea of what's wrong with me?

Sorry if this is not the place to be asking these types of questions but if that is the case, is there another resource I should consult?

Thank you for taking the time to read my long winded message and thanks for any guidance you can provide!
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

No worries, if we can't help, we can try to steer u in a direction to get help. A list of Drs experienced with Chiari are on a list in the Health Pages....http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Neurological%20Disorders/DOCTORS-LIST-FOR-CHIARI-SYRINGOMYELIA/show/1062?cid=186

Albeit a small list, we do have one for Canada...not sure if any of the Drs are close to where u are.....but even with a larger list many of us have to travel to get to a Dr that is considered a Chiari specialist.

Look at the list, and use it to research the Dr.....since I am not familiar with how ur health system works, I can not offer insight on if u can get a Dr to review ur MRI for u .....all I can do is offer the link and suggest u call one of the Drs to see if they can help u.

As for college, depending on how u feel now, u may want to post pone college for now.....wait until u know for sure what ur DX means for u....JMHO

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