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I feel my Chiari symptoms are coming back with more. symptoms

I have been starting to have hallucinations. Every time i hallucinate i get a bad chiari headache and one side of my body goes extremely weak. not sure if that could be the chiari but i also my breathing stops when i go to sleep
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I used to hallucinate too before my decompression. I never told my doctors about it because I didn't want one more doctor telling me I had an anxiety problem. It would happen when I woke up in the middle of the night, often times feeling like I had to breath, I think I had apnea too. My vision would be a little blurry, sometimes I had vertigo, and sometimes my heart rate would be be high too. And my ears would be ringing really loud. I think it was all related. It happened maybe twice after surgery after I did way too much. it was like I was looking at a picture on the wall that would move with my eyes and then gradually fade.
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Hi...you had decompression surgery already ...correct? You also stated an issue with your ankles....have you had that looked at? I wonder too, if you had a full decompression or if you had a dura placed.....?If you have EDS which could cause your joints to sublux....fall, that could explain your ankle issue and possibly why you continue to have symptoms.

Sleep apnea is a huge issue and you need to have that looked at too....ASAP !!!

Do you have a Chiari specialist?
no specialist but went to a walk today and met with an EDS specialist and found out i have all the symptoms of EDS and POTS. I told him trying to bring my leg muscles back but he said sometimes with EDS the muscle tone doesn't come back
Fantastic!! Finding someone that understands EDS is just as important as finding a Chiari specialist....I had a similar issue and lost some muscle in my right leg it never came back all the way....I did get some with PT.....Keep us posted on what you find out.
well i am still trying to get a doc but noticing the leg is getting weaker. I have fallen 4 times today on the count of my legs giving out
BTW it was aqua therapy that helped with my leg muscles.....try going to the EDS specialist they may be able to direct you to other Drs too.
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