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I think I really...

...screwed up!

I havent sat down and read a book in many yrs cause it got to be so miserable.
In the past yr or so I have even spent less time reading online. I typically pop on every lil bit for 10 mins here and 15 mins there to either check the chat boards or e-mail or etc.
Well today I started reading a book I got from my mom and I have prob spent 6-8 hrs reading today. 2+ hrs at a time and awhile ago my right ear is pounding with pressure! It doesnt hurt but like I can literally hear the pounding pressure in my rt ear and the left ear is echoing.
Arrgh so mad at myself for doing this to myself! I am developing a deeper hatred for Chiari the more time that passes!! Its amazing what all it really does to your body!!
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So sorry; I can relate.  I just screwed up too.
It's difficult to live with this illness, as it seems to have a life of its own.  What scares me is when is pushing too far permanently too far?!
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  I had issues reading as well so my DD got me audio books....it was wonderful....I can read again now that I am post op....but it was extremely difficult b4 surgery.

I know it is hard to keep from doing things we feel should be enjoyable only to be punished with pain.....it doesn't make sense....and we all fall prey to trying to do more then our body will allow....once we find out limits it is best to stick with them and slowly adding to them to allow our body to adjust....when we go from 0 to 2hrs it is too much too fast....start slower and add....

Rest up...and know u r not alone. I do hope u try to read again, just in smaller increments.
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  I forgot to mention, u also need to lift the book higher so it is at eye level and ur neck is not bent looking down...as that is part of the issue.
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I agree Viva, that is a scarey thought.
Ur rt Selma, I should have known better. I definately got a rude reminder (from my body, not u..lol)! My ears are almost back to normal but my head and neck sure do hurt. I think the second half of the book is going to go a lot slower than the first half!
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