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I wonder....

....how much insurance plays a factor in what the Drs say is Chiari-related and what is not. We all know there are Drs out there that do this. So, I wonder if the fact that I have Medicaid & Medicare is why my Dr won't do anything.

So frustrating. :-(
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I had medicaid as a child for the period of about 2 years, and that time shaped my whole idea of doctors.  They definitely DO treat you differently.  I don't know if they can NOT treat you ... and I'm sure they don't all discriminate, but I have horrible memories of being dismissed as depressed or anxious when my headaches started (at the age of 13) ... they'd milk the medicaid for every test available and then leave me with nowhere to go from there.  

It took me YEARS to feel like any doctor could ever be on my side.  And I struggle today to pay for insurance and copays, but I will never put myself in that situation again, of feeling like I'm at the mercy of doctors I'm not paying.  I was even afraid to apply for the tax credit towards my premiums (I still haven't) because there is such a huge margin of disrespect from the medical community.  I remember wondering if there was a big stamp or something when I was a kid at the top of my charts alerting them of my insurance situation.  I might be an emotional extremist in this regard, but I will never NOT have the upper-hand in regard to my healthcare.  

I'm sorry you're dealing with this.  My only advice would be to try another doctor.  Good luck and keep us updated!
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  Hmmm not sure, it could be more how experienced they are with Chiari are they true Chiari specialists?...I know I had Drs that told me much of my issues were not related but once I got to a NS that was a true specialist, I found out just how many things i had going on that were in fact related to Chiari....and I got more DX's from them as well , like EDS, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, tethered cord,CCI....and the other Drs never looked or suspected these....and I had reg INS.
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