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IBS Medication

I seen my GI doctor today for stomach pain and he told me he thinks it's IBS. I also have had acid reflux for years. I noticed that a lot of you also have digestive problems and wondered if any of you have ever tried Bentyl? That is what he gave me today and noticed that it has some scary side effects. He told me I might notice being tired and dry mouth, but of course I have read there are many more. Like dizziness, headaches, rapid heartbeat and anxiety. All of which I already have and do not want to increase. If anyone has tried this, please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
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Hi...I have been on so many meds for IBS, I do not remember them all....but, I must say none worked.

U really need to address ur digestive tract, get a balance, which is diff when we have neuro issues causing imbalance thru out our bodies.And u r so right we do not need the added issues of side effects...it is best to get to the root of ur reflux.....Do u know if u have a hiatal hernia?

Try drinking more water, avoid ur food and lifestyle triggers....ie- if u know too much tomato sauce will cause a flare up avoid that....simple type of stuff.See the Health Pages in the GERD forum for more info.

Also make sure u r eliminating min 2 x's  daily...u may need more fiber in ur diet and a stool softener to avoid strain HA's.
Too many if us do not get the waste out and these r toxins.

Ask ur GI dr about a colonic.....to help get a clean colon ...they can be helpful.


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Selma S how to send a note to u or private message for info on IBS
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Go to your profile page...you have to send a friend request first....then the PM.....I will send you both so you can see how it works.
BTW- the friend request is because that is how I have mine set up.....you can do that to limit those sending PM's to you....Everyone does not have to send a friend request to send a PM, I just wanted to clarify that  bit of info.
Check your INBOX  in the dropdown in the tool bar  "My MedHelp".
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I wish that bentyl  worked for my IBS pain, but only med I have found to b helpful is the medication, Donnatal . I am hoping to try Lyrica to help the pain with IBS, so if any of you have found relief with abdominal cramping and pain can u let me know? I will b talking with my GI about this soon
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum mef1961,

I found using meds for IBS only compounded the issues....I use CBD products to help with inflammation and that helps with pain for me. We are all different, so what works for one may not for the next person.

I also have found that my IBS is not as bad as it had been pre op...post op I am dealing with it much better and less often.

Do keep yourself hydrated, that is a huge factor.
thank u what kind or type of cbd product works for u? is it a pill u take by mouth or a patch I am curious bc I am willing at this point to try anything even the very restrictive food diet FODMAP ! thanks
Hi, I use a variety of CBD products, one is a topical , another is a water soluble drops, I also use Hemp tea and a Gummies that does have some THC in it....it all depends on what I am dealing with as to what combo I use....the topical is great for daily aches and pains....I use the water soluble drops added to the Hemp tea and the GUMMIES when I am in a lot of pain...and it has been working for me.

I do avoid red meats due to the slow digestion rate and it was advised that I avoid it....I rarely have red meat.....I have not had to follow the FODMAP diet.

I have also added taking anti histamines many years ago and it was discovered that histamines do affect us in our gut...and can be a huge part of our issues.....

If you want more info do send me a PM (private message) as I do not want to post on a public forum the exact brands as I am not endorsing them...it is just what I use and works for me.
Thank u I will send you a message if I can figure out how to do so
Thanks again
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I was given Rantidine (sp?) for the reflux...but I honestly only took it when it got really bad. I don't take any meds for it now but I have found to be really successful with controlling what I eat. For instance...spicy, fattening food is bad...if I eat either, I feel sick to my stomach, have pain and my bowels go nuts. I try and eat a lot of fruit and veggies and to intake a good amount of fibre. That helps more with the constipation end...but for me I find it is the extreme constipation that eventually turns into the "running" end of things..so if I avoid that then usually the other isn't as bad.

I hear you about the medications...every one my Dr wants to give me for ANYTHING...seems to cause all the symptoms I already have!! If it's any consolation..other than being tired, the one I'm on now (lyrica) doesn't seem to be causing too much else.

I hope you find some relief!
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I know what u mean....meds give us more issues that need more meds...ugh no fun at all.

There r many other items u may want to eliminate from ur diet....stop by the GERD forum's Health Pages for more info.


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Thanks Selma,

I do not have a hernia. I was scoped in April and have some polyps and gastritis. I have eliminated any kind of sauce and chocolate from my diet and that has helped with the reflux. It's this awful burning, gnawing stomach pain now. I think pain, stress and excedrin are big triggers. I do take citrucel to keep things moving. I really doubt I'll try this new med, I don't need any more problems.
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