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I'm 7 weeks post op

I'm 7 weeks out of my surgery today I noticed a lump on the back of my incision my neck has been in a lot of pain and my head fills really heavy at times I wonder if that's normal
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I had tais same issue.  I had To havre 4 surgeries encore i look, italien des a long jouent, i non amour feeling dithyrambique bidet issues, nothing due bécause of decompression surgery.  I ended up with the dyr. Putting in muslin over my mesh surgery, its the only thing that wored, i wish you the best, and also listen to your body, and if you need to rest, rest. I know myself that me over doing didnt help to heal, i know am paying for the price now, its a long jouney, butbyou will get through it, i dont get on here very often, but i Will truc to get on here more offensive to réel in touche. Bach d'au you Will réel, your in my orateurs
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Hi is the lump squishy? It is possible you have a CSF leak....do you have issues when you change position.....standing from sitting, or sitting from laying down?
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I have to have surgery again my suture is leaking and he wants to make sure it's not swollen on the inside because it's leaking at the top of my incision
It sounded like a leak....so sorry you have to go back in....when are you scheduled? Also, do you have a dura patch, if so what kind...many patches fail and cause leaks....if you have EDS this could be a reason for a failed patch so talk this over with the Dr.....harvesting tissue from you for the patch may work better  if indeed you do have EDS.
Wanting to do it Monday morning I'm not sure if I have a patch or not. What is EDS..
EDS is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome....it is a related condition to Chiari...it is a connective tissue disorder...which can cause us to bruise easily, and make us slower to heal....and a lot of other things like rejection of foreign matter.
A dura patch can be made out of cadaver, bovine, synthetic or our own tissue and is used when the dura ( covering of the brain ) is opened during the PFD surgery....once opened they use the patch to close us back up and give us more room....HOWEVER those with EDS tend to reject the patch if it is not our own tissue and by rejecting the patch our bodies can over produce CSF  in an effort to flush the foreign body out OR we spring a leak.....
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