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Incision leaks

I was wondering if anyone had incision leaks weeks after surgery. Mine was completely healed and then busted open in a small spot and drained. I am over 3 weeks out from surgery. Not sure if it's normal or not. Should I be concerned?thanks
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  Hi...I had what I called oozing small spots would ooze fluid and stop....and it continued into 9 months post op. I got a topical antibacterial ointment from my PCP and kept the area clean.

I was told the skin ( due to my EDS) is ore fragile ) and can dry out with too many hair washings....and to be careful with sun exposure.

I could tell one area popped open in how it felt as it happened....for me it was odd to have it going on and it was not a CSF leak....as it was just little pockets...

Ask about a topical ointment to help prevent infection and be sure to use a gentile shampoo and go as long as possible btwn washings.
Thanks Selma. I read through your journal and it said you got antibiotics. I'll call Monday and ask. I don't have a fever and it's not red like an infection. I am prone to staph and I have muciporen for that but I think I'll ask what the doctor wants me to use. You have stitches right? I wonder if there is any difference I had staples. 20 the first time and 24 the second. I also wonder if it could be because my surgeries were only 50 days apart my healing wasn't complete before having another surgery. I will break down and call, just that fear of something else being wrong haunts me I know that's ridiculous but I just want to heal and get back to doing the things I love
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Hey gjjl,  just wanted to say that I too had leaking from some spots on my incision. When I was 4 weeks post op I had a choking spell and coughed violently and the next day my incision was very tender and leaked. Of course my NS wasn't bothered so I went to my pcp who just said stitch abscess. The liquid was clear and didn't look like infection but I'm no dr..... And then the huge dent started and NS said could've been from muscle ripping but again, he wasn't "too terribly concerned" I now have a different NS who hopefully will help me with all the post op issues that he wasn't willing to do. I say if it's bothersome, you should call and try to get it resolved. It's your health and you know when something just feels wrong. Good luck!!
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Also, I forgot to mention that I too had staples. 22 of them
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Hey lady! Well, I called my doctor today. I had some purple thread looking stuff come out of my incision scar. I sent pictures and he promptly called me back. He said it was a stitch abscess. Since the rest of the scar looks good with no signs of infection he said I didn't need further treatment. He said though I had staples I had internal stitches. Sometimes they do not absorb the way they are supposed to and become an abscess. I actually have a couple more but since there is no sign of infection I am ok. I was told to go to the er if any signs of infection show or I have a fever. Hope this helps
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That is certainly some good news. I'm sure it's been a stressful time right now. I hope you continue to do better and not show any signs of infection. I understand the what's going on here panic mode! The same thing happened where I had to take a picture and the nurse I sent it to told me to go to my pcp but never got a call from the NS about it. Even after I tried contacting them.  Glad you have someone to listen to you and take you seriously. Praying you continue to heal quickly!
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This is not normal.  So do make an appointment to see your doctor urgently or contact the consultant who performed the surgery.
You need to get this checked out.  Open wounds are an entry for bacteria.  You may need an antibiotic if there is any infection.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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Yes, be concerned. Back in 2012 I had revision surgery and ended up with a leak. Which led to a CSF infection and 15 days in the hospital. During that time I was under the care of the infectious decease team and on IV VM which eats away your veins so of course it was a main line into my heart.

I.e. - I'm the last one to say go to the Dr but with this get there yesterday
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Thank you! I called my ns and sent some photos. It was an internal stitch working it's way out. Well, okay everything was OK then today I noticed I have 2 more stitches hanging out of my scar. I don't want to pull them out and I know having an opening can cause an infection and that's scary. I am running fever but higher than 100. I may have to call back. Thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions!!!!!!!
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  Were you DX'd with EDS?...the stitches popping out like that is more like from someone with EDS......???
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No I haven't been, I wrote it down to talk to my ns on April 6th. Idk is that a regular doctor question or a neurosurgeon question? I'm not incredibly flexible but I know there are several different kinds. I have tried to do some research, it's been crazy here it's spring break so my girls have been home and wanting every minute of my time :) I don't mind because before I know it they will be grown. Yes the stitches poking out are really starting to bug me. They seep not much but enough to let me know those spots are not completely healed. I am trying to keep it as clean as I can I do worry about infection
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  The NS should be able to help you and should have ruled EDS out prior to your surgery....as it can cause issues like this....my NS had a NL working in the same office that DX'd me...

  Since yours did not DX you, you may want to look for a rheumatoid Dr, they are also geneticists and some are specialists in EDS....

If a hat will not work for you try a head scarf to keep dirt out of the area....I wore my hat all the time (it was washable) and not only did it help keep dirt off the area it also kept the sun's rays from my incision as well....you do not want a sunburn on the scar tissue.
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