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Is there a chiari specialist in the state of Indiana?

Hello everyone. I was directed to this forum by a mutual friend who had decompression surgery back in 2009. This is my first post/exposure to this community. I need help quickly after dealing with my symptoms for several years, been to many doctors, the only result on my MRI has been a chiari malformation but every doctor I have seen has said the same thing "it's not the chiari. your chiari was an accidental find." Yet more recently, I've done research on chiari symptoms and I am a perfect match. I have been told I need to go to a chiari specialist as no other physicians understand or can explain. I live in Indiana. Please help. Are there any chiari specialists currently in Indiana? If not where would you recommend that I go? Where do I begin? At this point in time my neurologist has directed me to mayo for "further evaluation" and is having me do a sleep study soon. I simply would like to be assessed further on my chiari and would like to receive a more detailed explanation as to why my symptoms are not related to the chiari as opposed to "it's not it because I said so." Thank you very much for your time.
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Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

May I ask, was your friend a member here? And if so, what name did they go by here.....

We do have one listing for your state, and it is not a referral nor an endorsement, it is just a place to start with research of Drs, as you have aready found, not all Drs are informed or experienced with Chiari to not only DX but to offer treatment.It is very important to find a Dr that not only knows Chiari and ALL related conditions but is well experienced. Plus you need not only to be confident with the Dr but comfortable with them as well....who is right for one person may not be right for you. Take your time to find that Dr.

BTW- you can do a more conclusive sleep study in your home, as it is over 3 nights in the comfort of home the results tend to be better...NoveSom is the name you want your Dr to look into for that.


Dr. Troy Payner, MD IU Health Methodist Hospital
Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine - Downtown Indianapolis
1801 N Senate Blvd Suite 610
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 396-1300 (Office)

Check with your INS to see where you can travel that your INS will cover.If we have names for that state I will post them for you.
Hi Selma, thank you very much. I'll do some follow up and report back. My friend was a member, she had decompression surgery back in 2009, reported how very helpful this site was throughout. Her name was dpulum. She remembered you and said how helpful you are, thank you so much.
Oh yes I remember her...tell her I said Hi....
I am so glad to hear she felt she got the help she needed and sent you here, I hope we can help you the same way or better! lol....
How is she doing? I pray all is well.
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