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Just checking in...

Hello all!!!

I haven't been on much, I SOWWY :(

I have been busy and I have been feeling better too so Im doing more and more. I'm almost scared to say (knock in wood) I'm starting to feel like my old self again (EEEEEK)

So anyways...I have super exciting news to share with all my friends here...r u ready???


I'm SOOOO excited!!! Last day I worked was 7/5/12, had my surgery 7/10/12, 9 months later Im FINALLY released to work!!! It's been a LONG up hill battle, but Im so very happy I did it!!

Viv - how are you doing? We're so close is surg dates and I know we had A LOT of the same post-op issues. Just curious how u r doing now...yeah my stomach 'issues' we discussed having post-surgery, are looking like a permanent thing :( it's irritating(in more places than one...lol) but I have found that I have a list of 'to be avoided' food which I have had 9 months to compile and if I had to see any kind of positive, it would be my (still going) weight loss...I'm pretty sure I'm down 50+ lbs and weigh less than I have in probably 11+ years...downfall to the weight loss(yep there is a downfall), I've had 3 kids, 3 c-sections, and my tummy doesn't look like it did 13 years ago post having babies :( can someone say tummy tuck sometime in my future? Probably, eventually...so I'm babbling, I hope u r good, Viv, I'd love to hear from you...

Selma - how have u been doing? I'm such a flake as far as logging on...I feel bad and always tell myself, I need to get on and say hi...u see how well that worked huh? I hope u are well!!!

I miss everyone, and I promise to make more of an appearance...and not be a FLAKE!!

<3 Jen <3
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  Fabulous !!

Keep in mind many of us do have residual issues with florescent lights....so see ur eye Dr about getting tinted lenses if this does bcome an issue for u....I got a pair and it does help especially when using the comp and being in a store or place that there is an abundant amount of that lighting....

DO keep us posted as to how ur back to work transition goes : )
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@ Selma - I have learned that lesson...I promise!!!

Fortunately, my job is in an office, at a desk which primarily consists of taking calls and computer work. I've learned(or so I think) to let things not affect(or is it effect??) me and to not stress out. The funny thing is, I'm less stressed at work solving everyone else's problems than I am at home dealing with the 3 kids, the husband(he's the most difficult...lol) and the house. So I think this is what I need and the transition will be hard (not being home for kids), I think my 2 yr old will have the hardest time with it, but I think it is where I need to be!

Oh forgot to add in original post. I'm weaning off my meds, yeah!!!! Whole purpose of surgery and one med in particular, I used to take 3 pills a day, I am down to one pill for a month then FINITO!!! I'm so happy!!!

My surgeon suggested another surgery(wanted to open up dura and put bigger patch in) because of some strange headaches I have been having, but I declined and we decided to take the wait and see approach. Had post-op MRI and besides looking weird next to the pre-op one, it looks good!! Dr said he gives me a C-...hey at least it's a passing grade!
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  Hey Jen...so glad to hear from u !!

I am so happy u r doing so well.....please promise to listen to ur body and do not over do....continue to be cautious : )

I am doing well thanks for asking....miss u tho : (
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