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Kaiser patient, no funds for UCLA pedes NS

We have no idea how we are going to pay for our little 5 year old boy's consult and following care to come at UCLA... Is there a way to get Kaiser to refer to Dr. Lazareff?

There is no way Kaiser is going to do any sort of surgery on our son. Before leaving the Kaiser Neurologist, Dr. Nelson at Roseville, CA he made a statement to us that he wanted to WAIT and SEE him in a year. The MRI showed his tonsils at 16mm with all the classic symptoms of Malformation Chiari and he was diagnosed with M. Chiari I. Kaiser has been shrugging us off since our little boy was 18 months old and collapsed. He is toeing in severely, has terrible headaches, dizziness, feels like he is going to vomit, leg pain, neck and back pain. They misdiagnosed him more than a couple of times now. Kaiser is for the average patient.
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I had Dr. Won with Kaiser pediatircis NS to my chiari surgery, personally I am very pleased witht he results, I feel much better.  Otherwise I don't like Kaiser, and am looking to switch insurance.  My only hesitastion is not being able to see Dr. Won.  I got the run around too even after diagnosis.  Finally I just told them what I needed and got it done that way.  I knew I wanted to see dr won, I new what tests I wanted.  Only someone who is a chiari specialist will think any of the symtoms are related, and this is not just standard at kaiser.

I did see my PCP on Friday and asked for an MRI fo my hip, she did tell me that there is a list for primary care doctors who order to many mri's, they have to be ordered by specialists.  I have been getting the run around on other pains as well.  Eight years of complaining of arm pain and I finally had an mri, x-ray and a referral to orthopedics.  The doctor asked me how long my arm has been hurting and laughed in disbelief when I told him 8 years (because it had taken me so long to get a referral) and my 2nd visit with him, he told me there was nothing he could do for me, he didn't know what was wrong.  

But again, I do like Dr. Won in Fontana, CA.

Good luck, I can't imagine the frustration of dealing with all that for your child.
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Sorry for all the typos, I am in a hurry.
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We have had the exact same run around with Kaiser in Roseville (Dr. Geraghty) and Sacramento (Dr. Lai) with my husband's Chiari at 8mm and severe symptoms that are progressing.  We are fortunate to have dual insurance that allows us to see other doctors. Kaiser's wait and see approach is jeopardizing people's lives.  We are preparing to file a grievance this month.
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I too have seen Dr. Geraghty and Dr. Lai and they both were terrible.  Neither of them listened, paid attention, and only recommended that I get put on anti-anxiety drugs.  My Chiari is also 8mm.

I am using my wife's insurance now and am going back for a 2nd visit with:

Dr. Dominique Engel
330 H St
Marysville, CA 95901
(530) 743-8880

She came highly recommended and I am very impressed after one meeting.

I too am in the process of finding a lawyer to take Kaiser to arbitration.  I had an MRI show that I have ACM at 8mm for over three years now - and needless to say, I am ticked off beyond belief.  I have done my research and am putting together a case against Kaiser in hopes that a law firm/lawyer will take my case.

Email me if you want to talk about Kaiser some more...



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Hi my name is Jamie. My husband was diagnosed with Chirai Malformation recently with Kaiser. Let me take a step back and say in 2002 with another insurance company he had an MRI done with his nurologist where an enlarged tonsil was noted, but nothing was ever done. He was being treated for Epilapsy. Over the last 10 + years he has continued to have new symptoms appear & worsen as time goes on. His quality of life is not good. He went to his nurologist, but he was not interested in checking him for Chiari. He was having surgery to have a device removed & took the Chiari issue up with the neurosurgeon who ran some tests and did diagnose him with Chiari. After this doctor & a few othe doctors consulted by phone they felt that my husband did not need the decompression surgery. His tonsil extends 8mm & the right side of his body is sutting down. The symtoms are extrem. We even informed the doctors that his sister was diganosed with Chiari Maliformation & had decompression surgery. Kaiser is not willing to consider surgery they just want him to go to a nurologist & be monitored. I am not willing to sit back and just accept this. I am looking for any advice on how to fight Kaiser. How did your case turn out?
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

I am replying since the member u directed ur  post to has not been an active member lately....u can send a PM(private message) and that should generate a e-mail so he is aware someone is trying to make contact : )

We have had other members get surgery with Kaiser, please see our Drs list to see the Drs in Kaiser that were helpful.http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=186

Be advised this list is NOT a referral, just a means to give u a starting point to research Drs,.
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I tried that link, but it doesn't work
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  Hi Bobisocks and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Yes unfortunately our Health Page links no longer work as MedHelp is transitioning over to a new format....I am not sure the Health page links will make it to the new format , but I do have access to the Drs list...just let me know what state you need a list from and I will post it for you.....and you may want to create a new thread or post is a current one as this is older and most members do not reply to older threads.
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Hi, I’m a kaiser member and I did at one time work with
the facility. I also, have the same diagnosis. You can ask your provider for a outside referral or a second opinion to that surgeon at UCLA  and then you can follow up with the outside referrals desk and membership services . They usually will send it for you .prayers and wishes . to UCLA
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