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Shane99 condensed our list of drs. (Thanks Shane!)

This list is not a complete list of possible Specialists - Please continue to add.

This is not any kind of "Official" list of Chiari Specialists! These are simply NeuroSurgeons that we patients have listed as liking. No background checks have been made about them. If you wish to follow up, please research on your own. If you are comfortable with your current doctor and he/she is actually qualified to perform Chiari Decompression Surgery, then don't let us tell you any differently. This list is just to help people connect with NeuroSurgeons. It is not intended as a referral, please research all Drs.

Thread link for drs in Canada~~

Link to Australia list~~


Anthony Martino
Mobile, Alabama

Dr. Jerry Oakes  
Pediatric Neurosurgeon
UAB in Birmingham, Al.  


Dr. Marc Ercius Mesa, Arizona
(480) 833-5209


Dr. Timothy Bursen Little Rock, Arkansas

Dr. Anthony Capocelli Fort Smith, Arkansas


Dr. Jorge Lazareff, MD
  Specialty: Neurological Surgery; Director Pediatric Neurosurgery
  Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
200 Medical Plaza, Suites 140
Peter Morton Medical Building
Los Angeles, CA 90095

(310) 794-7700 Patient Appointments

  Contact (310) 206-6677
Fax Number (310) 794-2147

Paul S. Jackson, M.D. , Ph.D.
Palo Alto Center
795 El Camino Real
Level 3, Lee Building
Palo Alto, California 94301
(650) 853-2919
Deputy Chief of Neurosurgery -- Stanford University School of Medicine
Assistant Professor-- Stanford University School of Medicine


Dr. John Oro, Chiari Care Center Aurora, Colorado


Dr. Judith Gorelick
Connecticut Neorosurgery PC
330 Orchard St, #316,
New Haven, CT
(203) 781-3400


Dr. Jeffrey W. Campbell,
Dr. Benjamin Warf,
DuPont Children’s Hospital
Wilmington, Delaware


Dr. Balis
Dr. Lewis
3000 Fletcher Ave
Tampa, FL


Dr.  Vidyadhar Chitale


Dr. Todd Alexander
Ste 210
1235 North Mulford Road,
Rockford, IL 61107-3879
(815) 397-0077

Dr. Frim
Chicago, IL

Dr. Merle Diamond,
Diamond Headache Clinic
Chicago, Illinois

Dr Gail Rosseau Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery and Research (CINN)
4501 N Winchester Ave
Chicago, Il


Dr Arnold Menzes
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242


Scott W. Soleau, M.D.
The NeuroMedical Center Clinic
10101 Park Rowe Avenue
3rd Floor
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810
Phone: (225) 768-2050


Dr Marcella Madera

Primary Location:
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
600 N. Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD  21287

Building: Meyer
Room: 5-109

Phone: 410-955-5464
Fax: 410-502-3399
Appointment Phone: 410-550-093

Dr. Powers
Bethesda, MD

Dr. Fraser Henderson - Neurosurgeon (chiari and spine specialist)
Spine Team Maryland
8116 Good Luck Road, Suite 205
Lanham, MD  20706
(also has an office in Bethesda, MD)


Dr. William Butler
Mass General Hospital
Boston, Mass

Dr. Carl Heilman  NS
Tufts Medical Center,
Boston, MA

Jean-Valery Coumans, MD
Mass General Hospital
15 Parkman St.
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 1-617-726-3511
Fax: 1-617-643-4115


Dr. Lynn Hedeman
Great Lakes Neurosurgical Associates
414 Plymouth NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
(616) 454-3465

Dr. Karin Muraszko
@ C.S. Motts Childrens Hospital
Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan

DR Richard Veyna  
Head and Spine Institue of MI
West Bloomfield, MI


Dr. Mahmoud Nagib
Neurosurgical Associates
913 East 26th Street
305 Piper Building
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407
Phone 612-871-7278
Fax 612-863-8531


Dr. Timothy Wiebe
Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Chiari Institute Great Neck, New York
(516) 570-4400
(516) 394-8350
Dr. Thomas Milhorat
· Dr. Paolo Bolgnese
· Dr. Rohit Verma
· Dr. Misao Nishikawa
· Dr. Roger Kula
· Dr. Sol Mora
· Dr. Amit Shelat
· Dr. L. Thierry Remy

Dr Chanland Roonprapunt (Formerly of The Chiari Institute)
Spine Institute of New York
Ph: 212-523-6720
Title: NS


Dr.Michael Seiff,
Las Vegas NV.


Dr. Michael J. Rosner Fletcher,
North Carolina

Gerald A. Grant, MD
Pediatric Neurosurgeon
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina
Appointment Telephone

Office Telephone

Fax Telephone


Dr. Daniel Prevedello,
recently moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Columbus, OH.
Ohio State University

Dr. John M. Tew, Jr.
Mayfield Clinic
University Medical Arts Bldg.
222 Piedmont Ave., Suite 3100
Cincinnati, OH 45219

(513) 221-1100

Dr. David Adler
Emanuel and Providence.  
Columbia Neurosurgical Associates
1040 Northwest 22nd Avenue,
Portland, OR
(503) 796-2743‎


Dr Bejani
Pittsburgh, PA

Dr Gardner
UPMC Presbyterian Hospital
Pittsburgh Pa


Dr. Ralph Reeder Sioux City,
South Dakota


Dr. Carl Hampf,
Baptist Hospital
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 327-9543  

Dr Reid Thompson,
Dr. Cheng,
Vanderbilt Hospital
Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Samuel Hunter
Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Stephanie Einhaus
Semmes Murphy clinic
Memphis TN,


Dr.Victor Kareh, MD
Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery
21216 Northwest Freeway
Suite 230
Cypress, TX 77429

Dr. Jeremy Denning
Dr. Richard Jackson
Dallas Neurosurgical and Spine Associates
Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas,
Professional Building III,
Suite 220,
8230 Walnut Hill Lane,
Dallas, Texas 75231
Phone: 214-750-3646

Gulf Coast Brain & Spine Institue
Dr. Peter J. Yeh, MD, FACS
Board Certified Neurological Surgeon
6565 West Loop South, Ste. 450
Houston, TX  77401
713.661.5535 fax


Dr. Buchwald,
Dr. Maravilla
Dr. Ellenbogen
Ninth & Jefferson Building
908 Jefferson St., Fifth Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Dr. Gregory Foltz
Swedish Hospital
Seattle, WA


Dr. Rammy Gold Parkersburg, West Virginia


Dr. Dan Heffez Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bermans J Iskandar,MD
600 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53792-0001
(608) 263-6420
UW Madison
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Dr. Judith Gorelick in Connecticut is not a chiari specialist as it says on the list of specialists.  She did my surgery and I spent the next year deteriorating.  When she couldn't help me she told me it was in my head and told me I had anxiety.  I got to the point that I was bedridden and could not to anything for myself.  I finally got diagnosed with EDS by a specialist and had severe instability in my neck.  Also my cerebellum was literally coming out of my skull.  There was nothing protecting my brain.  I also had tethered cord which she did not find.  Do not go to her.  Finally after a year of suffering and losing everything I got two more surgeries to correct the damage that she did to my neck (it was broken by this point).  I am finally recovering after surgery with Dr. Fraser Henderson in Maryland.  He saved my life and is a true chiari specialist.  He is very knowledgeable about chiari and its related conditions. Traveling is worth it when it comes to chiari.
620923 tn?1452915648

Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Thank u for sharing ur experience, and I am sorry u had to go thru that. AT the heading of our list, it does say this list is not a list of specialists,rather it is a list of NS's that have treated the members here for chiari and the member if they liked their dr add them to the list.

There r many lists on line....and we do not copy them as u can not go by them and we encourage all members to research all drs to find the right dr for them.

I am so sorry u had that experience with that dr, and will take ur info under advisement.

  I am glad u found Dr Henderson, he is a new up and coming go to Dr for Chiari.......
getting a dx of EDS b4 surgery can benefit all chiarians and save them much in the way of set backs with recovery.

1677693 tn?1304507630
Dr. Barth A. Green , M.D.

Professor & Chairman of Neurological Surgery:

Also one of the many Authors of the CM and SM Patient Handbook


Clinical Specialties

Neurological Surgery

University of Miami Hospital
1400 NW 12th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136
Telephone: (305) 689-5511

Dr. Barth Green
(305) 243-3262


Dr. Barth Green also Co-Founded
The Miami Project
It is research project to cure paralysis.
He is also part of the Shake-A-Leg Foundation, which is also to cure paralysis.

The University of Miami in conjunction with Jackson Memorial Hospital of Miami,  also have a Spinal Cord Clinic. More specific information can be obtained by contacting The Miami Project.
620923 tn?1452915648

  Thank u for adding this Dr, he is on our main list in the Health Pages, not sure how he was missed on this thread....but thanks for the xtra info too :  )
1677693 tn?1304507630
I fought to have my husband seen by Dr. Green. But, because I don't take no for answer, he will be seeing Dr. Green. I believe with CM and SM, we all must really be proactive. I have only known about SM for 1 year. The lack of education within the medical community juat plain and simply makes me sick!! I will always advocate as much as I possibly can to have more attention paid to CM and SM.
620923 tn?1452915648

  I know what U mean...it is an uphill battle...but we all have to take this into our own hands in order to get the proper treatment......finding the right dr is key.

And I never tire of saying this, chiari and syringomyelia are not rare conditions, it is well informed Drs that are rare!!
Avatar universal
Thanks for adding Dr. Green, he is awesome. I am having surgery with him on June 16th.
Good luck to you and your husband!  Be prepared to wait a while to see him. My first visit I waited 3-4 hours before he saw me. I was so upset and about to leave until he came in. He is so kind and spent close to 2 hours with my husband and I. He is worth the wait!
620923 tn?1452915648

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Dr. Eduardo J Perez

Luther Hospital Neuro Science 1400 Bellinger Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703

I would trust this man with my life i recovered in 3 weeks from a chiari 1 malformation surgery! I would have to say he's the best in the business.  
620923 tn?1452915648

  Thanks for adding this Dr to our list...I am so glad u had such wonderful interactions with him. : )
620923 tn?1452915648

  Please feel free to add ur Drs name once u r post op, and feel ur Dr did a good job : )

All names added still need to be researched by neone looking for a Dr, this list is not meant as a referral.
1664208 tn?1332782950

Terry Lichtor, MD

Jonesboro Neurosurgery Clinic, Inc

800 South Church Street, Suite 203
Jonesboro, AR 72401


Medical School
The University of Chicago

University of Chicago
Avatar universal
The superintendent of our school district's wife died during chiari surgery this past November. Dr. Tew from Cincinnati was doing the surgery, I know there is an investigation into what happened because she was a strong 40 yr old woman. I don't know any of the details, so I try not to judge, but it was def enough for me to go else where.
620923 tn?1452915648

  Thanks for the add and the info !!
620923 tn?1452915648

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Hello I am a new CM1 patient and would like to add my doc. Thanks to the initial poster for giving us new patients a start in searching NS all over. It is nice knowing I am not the only one! And yes is a CHIARI Specialist:

Dr. Danial Barrow
404- 778-5770

Although I am in the new process of finding out what is going on.. I first seen him in 2004, and he suggested that is was unclear of my condition but wanted to wait until my symptoms became worse before he suggested surgery. (At the time I was not having the serve headaches and other issues as now).. so I am back with him so determine my CM1.

Also is anyone having issues with their eyes being slightly crossed? I read that since the area in which the decompression is at, it is near the optical nerve which causes the blurriness but need to know about the crossing?

Thanks everyone for posting!
620923 tn?1452915648

Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Thanks for sharing ur Drs name...yes, I have heard of ur Dr and know he is a chiari specialist...

  Nice to have u here, sorry for the reasons tho.

620923 tn?1452915648

          Bumping for newbies...use this list to find names of Drs to research...add ur drs name when u feel  comfortable sharing : )
Avatar universal

St. Dominick's Hospital, Jackson
Neurologist - Dr. David McHenry
Neurosurgeon - Dr. Adam Lewis

PLEASE NOTE:  Dr. Timothy Wiebe is no longer in Hattiesburg, MS.  According to his office, they do not know where he is practicing now.
620923 tn?1452915648

Thank u for the update on Dr Wiebe : ) and for the addition of ur Dr.

620923 tn?1452915648

620923 tn?1452915648

  Bumping up for newbies to add their chiari Drs name to the list...once u add it here, I can have it added to our list in the Health Pages.

Also use this thread to inform us if a Dr retires and is no longer needed on the list...

   Thanks : )
620923 tn?1452915648

  Bumping up for newbies to add their chiari Drs name to the list...once u add it here, I can have it added to our list in the Health Pages.

Also use this thread to inform us if a Dr retires and is no longer needed on the list...

   Thanks : )
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