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Lack of sleep, more symptoms?

Just wondering--if you have a night of less sleep or more wakings, do you notice an increase in symptoms?  I was up every 1-2 hours last night (sleeping with both kids in a hotel bed!) and had my vision worsen, dizziness, and just a few minutes ago, numbness in my right forearm.  I was trying to think of what might cause a change (I hadn't had numbness in 2 weeks and dizziness comes and goes...but today was pretty constant-vision went with more tunnel vision, blurriness, more shadows, floaters, and bright spots)-and the only difference I can pinpoint is less sleep.  Anyone experience more symptoms when they have less sleep?

On a side note, I have my appt with the Neuro-Ophtha in the AM and the 2nd opinion with a neuro in the PM.  Will see what they say, but am thinking I will go ahead and get an appt with Dr. Di in Cleveland (known for chiari).  Esp after realizing that I had really upped my workout routine in the 9 days prior to the 'episode'....which coincides with the vision changes.  Lots of impact...we shall see!  
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Yes, I think generally fatigue really adds into our issues. Usually when I haven't slept well I wake up feeling like I am only half functioning and b/c I already have trouble with weak muscles, that just makes it worse. A lot of time mine cycled like this and I never really did figure out why but I do think adequate sleep plays a part in all this.

I am glad to hear that you are going through with the appt with Dr. Di, I don't think you will regret it!! Good luck tomorrow with all the appts let us know what you find! Make sure you mention to everyone how your symptoms are affected by your workout routing.

Good luck!
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Thanks Carolyn!  Discovered free wi-fi....still at the neuro-ophth!  4 hours and counting!!!!!!!  I had to cancel the appt with the other neuro b/c this one is going so long!  He is saying migraines....but other that saying that, he hasn't said much.  Dilated my eyes about 30min ago and I am waiting for him to come back.  Thing is--my eyes are funky anyway, so the dilation drops don't seem to effect my vision as bad as they usually do.  I am super hungry though--never thought this appt would last so long!!!!!!

Still waiting to hear his official thinking--I brought up the 'low-lying cerebellar tonsils' and he didn't say much...if he discounts it, then I know that I certainly need Dr. Di's input.
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I've noticed, on the days that I have significantly less pain, I wake up  with more of the other symptoms. If I wake up, and my eyes are more blurry than usual, or take longer to be able to focus in the morning, then it will be a day of less pain.

I know this doesn't directly relate to your question, but I wonder if it's an issue of the sleep patter I had for the night.
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I will have to say that less sleep does seem to bring about more symptoms......I am over tired and have had less sleep buz of activity...and I started having charlie horses in my legs again and I ache all over.....we need our sleep to heal and to keep moving........pain disrupts it all....so we have a viscous cycle going.

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Last time I had my eyes dilated ( a year ago) b4 I knew I had Chiari..it took forever for them to become right again. Like until the next day...was kind of weird. I'm having it done again in about 2 weeks so we'll see if there are any differences.
Please share what you find out..and absolutely keep looking if they dismiss the Chiari!! A lot of us are told that we have normal eye exams but the problem is that they can't see what is behind the eye and all the pressure there!

Edward..that is interesting..I wonder why that is? For me the night pain causes me not to sleep, then everything seems worse the next day.

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Official diagnosis (after a 5.5hour appt) is acephalic complicated migraines with stroke-like symtpoms.  So, doing more reading.  Am hopeful that upping the elavil will help the vision--although there is some loss the neuro-ophth thinks might be permanent.    Trying to be cautiously optimistic that this is the cause.  Never heard of someone with a 1 month long continuous migraine though--without headache.

He did not think that the cerebellar measurements have nothing to do with my symptoms...so, I will be contacting Dr Di's office for an appointment.

Going to aim for a good night's sleep tonight in the hopes that I feel better tomorrow.  Eyes were really bad today--actually didn't notice the dilation too much b/c my eyes are so wonky anyway.
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