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Looking for info on Dr. in NM

My 14 year old son has been recently diagnosed with Chiari one with the cerebellar tonsils extending through the foramen magnum by 2.5 cm with a syringomyelia.  He has had 4 seizures in a month and a half - the 1st one being the reason he was diagnosed (MRI in the ER), one a week ago but 2 happened today :( We were already on the list for decompression surgery at the end of the school year since our surgeon said this was not an emergency (my son had only had the original seizure when we talked to the surgeon 2 week ago).  In looking over your list I don't see any neurosurgeons (pediatric) in NM.  We are seeing Dr. Marchand at UNM (University of NM), who we understand has over 38 years of experience in Chiari. Does anyone have any information, good or bad, for us?
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   Hi  and  welcome  to the   Chiari  forum,

  As members   go to  a Dr  and  are  treated by them  and  they like  them then  they  add  them  to  our  list...could  be  no one here  has  been  to that  Dr as  of  yet.....but  if  you do  go, please  keep  us posted  as  we  can use more  names on  our  list.......

  Wish  I  had  info on  this  Dr....sorry...

  Hope  you and   your  DS  have  a wonderful Christmas.
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