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Looking for pros/cons

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to a TENS/EMS unit. We were out at an expo and walked by the booth...I rarely will let myself get chatted up by the salesmen, but I was curious about this. They got a very brief description of my medical struggles and they were surprised to know that I am currently continue to be medication free...which means I do spend every day in discomfort - on a good day ;)       I tried out the unit, and since I never impulse buy, I walked away and have been looking for information on the unit.  I am curious if any of you have used it, how you use it, and any pros or cons of purchasing one?  (I will add that I kicked myself for about a week after, as all the walking put me into a big flare up and my old friend sciatica came to visit me!)  Thanks, Jiggle93
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Hi jiggle93 sorry to hear about the flare caused by all the walking but sometimes isn't it nice to just feel a little "normal" and get out and do something that others take so for granted. I happen to have a Tens unit that was prescribed to me years ago ( well before I knew anything about the Chiari) by an orthopedic Dr. for random shoulder and upper back pain. I remember that did use it for a while and it did seem at times to help but would be other times where it just felt oddly, I don't know uncomfortable I guess and just quit using it. Point here is this, if you really want to try that route( and I would consider the input of others of here who are much more learned than I about wether or not it's a good idea with Chiari) before you attempt to purchase one check into getting a unit prescribed to you as your insurance may well cover pretty much the full amount of the unit as mine did years ago. Things have changed quite dramatically in the fickle world of what they will and won't cover insurance wise these days but it's worth looking into before letting go of money that the insurance premiums you already pay can pick up, so just a thought hope it helps and please listen to others more knowledgeable about Chiari and electric stimulation pain relief before making that decision
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  Hi I have not used the tens unit but other members in the past have used them but if I remember correctly they used them short term.

Refresh my Chiari brain on if/when you had surgery?,,, What other conditions were ruled out or DXd for you?
Still no surgery....still no NL or NS.  Last one I went to could care less about my issues, he was fascinated by my Hubbys work, and he kind of poo-poo'd my issues so he could talk more with hubby. I rolled my eyes as the bro-mance began. Sweet hubby kept trying to circle the bush and bring it back to me - but NL wasn't having it. I REALLY need to find another, since we relocated I haven't been to any medical visits - very unlike me - but as you know, it seems as though everyone else has been a priority with  their slightly more urgent problems.  
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I recently bought a tens machine i have to say the 1st couple times I used it I did not like the jolting of my arms and they way it felt. but after playing with the modes and intensity I am starting to really like it I felt a bit better as far as my back goes have yet to try it on my neck as i am a bit nervous
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  Hi ZZ and welcome to the Chiari forum.

I would not suggest using the tens unit on your neck since that is the spinal cord and  could do other things....I think it is better for muscles....so be careful where you place it.

May I ask when  you were DX'd...and do you have a Chiari specialist yet?
Thank you for the info i was diagnosed in Jan of this yr however I've been having symptoms for 3 yrs now been to a few dr. and finally my family dr. listened to me and did mri. I am now waiting to see a neurologist in April which I am now thinking is a  complete waste of time and need to find an experienced specialist. my herniation is 6mm
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  We do not have any Drs listed for Utah,,,,but if you have any other  state that you can travel to I can look to see if we have some for that one....many of us do travel out of state to get to a true Chiari specialist.
If you can travel to Las Vegas, Dr. Michael Seiff is THE guy in Vegas. That's who I'll be working with. He also does extensive research on this disorder. It will take a while to see him since he is the only one here.
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  Thanks for the refresh...lol....I kinda thought you hadn't had surgery yet....but with a Chiari brain it is hard to know for sure...lol....

Hmmm,,,,,as for the tens,,,,if you do get one do not use on your neck,,,,ot sure of how it would affect you,

I know they are good for muscle issues....but so close to the nerves, spinal cord etc....I would be xtra careful.

Where can you travel to with  your INS?
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