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I have just been to TCI and had an invasive cervical traction (ICT) procedure done  and am still feeling  WORSE symptoms including much worse visual blurriness and headaches, 2 weeks after the procedure.  Has anyone out there had this happen?   Also,,I was told I have cranial cervical instability and should consider having cervical fusion surgery to address this when I got my bone density up a bit.  I was advised to wear a device that produces traction in the neck for relief of symptoms, and have found that of 3 types recommended, none help and all make me feel weaker in my legs and make me nausious,,  When I went to another doctor who addresses Chiari needs for a second opinion, he said I should absoIutely NOT get  fusion surgery and questioned this recommendation,,,Has  anyone else had any of these experiences or does anyone have any insight, comments on any of this? ,,Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hi There,

I also went to TCI and they recommended I have a fusion of my C5 and C6 verterbrae, where was your fusion done in your neck?  I have been to other doctors also that tell
me not to have the fusion, but they arn't chiari specialists.  I have not had the surgery yet and am scared and don't know what to do.  TCI said I'm not a candidate
for the decompression surgery yet, have you had this done. Hopefully your symptoms will get better because I think it may take time, sometimes. Please write back.
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Hi Michelle,

I am so sorry u r still having symptoms. I was to TCI and was advise I may need this also...I did not have the traction, but was told that I needed tethered cord release first.

May I ask, what other conditions do u have, outside of chiari   and what else have they suggested?

I am wery of the fusion and have not heard ne thing good about it....on the other hand....one Dr described the cranial instability like our heads being a pumpkin on a pointed stick...after awhile it'll slide down...and for us that means crushing the spinal cord....not good.

I was also told that the TC release may cause the cranial instability to bcome more
symptomatic after it is done.

What r ur symptoms and do u have issues being upright?...did u b4 the ICT??

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