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Menstrual Cycle...

Has anyone noticed a difference in their cycle with this dx?  I've noticed more intense cramping, of course my headaches get worse too.  Just wondering?
Thanks!  Hope everyone is hanging in there!
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Hello,  I cant speak to now since I had a hysterectomy quite a few years ago due to endometriosis.  As you know most of us were born with Chiari so I think the answer is yes.  They think endometriosis is autoimmune that does go along with the Chiari diagnosis.  I was only diagnosed last year and alot of things do make sense now.  Endometriosis does cause the heavy periods, severe abdominal pain, cramping.  

I hope this helps.

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  Hi...I always had intermittent bleeding ( 2 monthlys) and  they were heavy.....and I went into early menopause...I did not have my dx at the time so I had no idea...but, I now know I also have a thyroid condition common with us chiarians...Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

As Pam pointed out many of us will have to deal with autoimmune issues as well as connective tissue disorders....and Hashimotos is autoimmune.

Also check into Ehlers-Danlos as well....as there r diff types and u really need to rule this out too.

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I have had horrible problems starting a year ago.  I am 31 and have three kids and never even post baby had flows this heavy.   Not to mention I go a few days than stop and than a few days later it starts again.   I have always been clock work 28 days. It is so unpredictable now.  I think many times I am going into early menapause.    My head is worse too. And I have always had bad cramps but now I have large blood clots

I really think this messes with hormone levels which has to mess with the cycle.  And like they said. It could even have an autoimmune trigger too.    

So sorry u have more suffering ontop of everything else

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I haven't seen any correlation myself...I have pretty easy periods even with a large CM herniation and a lot of head and neck pain.

I did have ridiculously long labor and deliveries though - as in, days of active labor. And I read that tethered cord and other spinal issues can cause ineffective labors for women.
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Yes, your cycles and discomfort sounds just like me. I just turned 41 and have also been wondering if I am entering early menopause because of my health issues and all of the medications. All the doctors act like it is normal. I have a period and then 10 days later another. The cramps and headaches are awful. then I won't have a period for 45 days. I cant figure it out but I too wonder if it is all related. Mine has been going on for over a year. Before that, I had regular periods every 28 days but they were always heavy and the cramping and headaches were debilating. I couldn't function. The week before my cycle the headaches are awful and I also get the same way when I ovulate. LOL. Maybe TMI.  I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. I had Chiari Surgery 2 weeks ago, I am very interested to see what will happen now. Will it get worse or better?
Good Luck and hang in there.
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I have had painful periods since they started. I would take ibuprofen for the cramps until it started geting so bad I would throw up the ibuprofen. I switched to tylenol and if I dont get it in me when I first start, I feel sicker,  my bowels evacuate and and I get extreamly nauseas. Absolutly miserable wake you from your sleep periods every month. My breasts will enlarge a whole size and a few months later, return to their normal 34 D.
   In the past few years I have started having painful ovulation as well. A whole day of right sided pelvic pain and intermittent cramping. Also I can tell before I going to start, my head feels like Its gonna pop then subsides quickly after.
I went to a obgyn to have her feel my ovary, I felt as though I was havin a bad cyst and wanted it diagnosed. She felt my right ovary supposedly and it felt fine to her.  I went to my Gastro and told him, he did a colonoscopy to make sure there was no ulcerative colitis (runs in the fam) it cam out clean. He referred me to get a CT with contrast. Report says it looks like I have a partially ruptured cyst with and free fluid in my cul de sac?
I just got that yesterday so I dont know how serious it is, not sure what to do excepy wait for the phone calls.

So I think hormones are messed with in many of us with connective tissue disorderes.
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