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Neck pain with CCI

Hi everyone, I found out that i have worsening instability which may be the reason for the return of some of my symptoms. For those of you with CCI, or had a fusion for CCI, what was your neck pain like. My doctor wanted me to try physical therapy including cervical traction. I'm not sure if i slept wrong one day or not but I have a lot of neck pain when I turn side to side and look up. The pain seems to be at the middle and base of my neck and is very sharp. I also get a dull ache at the base of my skull but the neck pain is sharp. I didn't have this neck pain before PT. I'm worried this could be a separate issue and possibly caused by the traction done by the therapist. Anyone have any experience with this.

The traction did feel good while I had it. The therapist also tested my leg strength with and without traction and there was a dramatic increase in strength and less tremors with traction. But the neck pain now is bad :(
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Hi...so sorry you are dealing with this .....how long since you had the traction?
I think I shared this with you before.....can't remember, but I too have CCI and was told I would need to have a fusion at some point....I am lucky and happy to say so far I have not had to have it done...and I truly believe that the neck exercises I did post op helped me avoid up to now and I pray continues to be avoided.....

I did not have the traction as I wanted to wait until after I healed from the PFD first and I had my daughter's wedding a year later....so I kept busy with all things related to the wedding and doing my exercises and again am lucky to say I have not had to move forward with treatment.
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Hi, Selma, I hope you are doing well. I remember you saying the neck exercises have helped you. When I try to keep my head upright over my shoulders I just fatigue and feel like hanging it in front of me.  When i went to PT they didn't have a traction device yet. It was on order and I think he was having a hard time getting it approved.  So, he did the traction himself (about a week ago) and I'm wondering if it was too much, I think it irritated my lower neck.  I had a hard time even finding a PT who would treat me, no had treated anyone with CCI.

The device will be in next week, so i need to go back and be tested while in traction so he can report back to my doctor at what weight I was most comfortable and symptoms felt the best. The only objective measurement is my strength and tremors, so i guess he will test that. The PT is pretty sure I need a fusion. I think it freaks him out that he can actually feels the laxity in my upper cervical ligaments.

I just don't need to do this traction to determine if a fusion will help only to injure my lower neck in the process.

And to top things off i found a partially engorged tick on me last night!
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ewwwwwwwwww oh I hate ticks..I hope you got it out....yuck....

The traction I was told about was something my Chiari specialist was going to do himself....not a PT....hmmmm....I think what he was talking about might be a bit more involved then the testing your PT is planning to do....
He was probably referring to invasive cervical traction where you are hospitalized for 48 hours and they monitor your symptoms. That may be my next step depending on the outcome of this.
I know it involved a halo....so I was not too interested in having it done as I was to be awake...ummm no thanks
just before surgery my not so knowledgeable pain management dr referred me to PT and they did cervical traction. This involved me lying on a bed with my head and neck strapped to a weight and pulley. They pulled the bed slowly which stretched my neck and head. By the time it was over my legs were shaking from tremors so intensely that my husband just about had to carry me out. That was an awful experience and made me very aware of the lack of knowledge in the medical profession. Now I trust my gut instinct

Also, I cannot look up hardly at all. To the point if I'm grocery shopping, I have to go across the isle just to raise my eyes to see what's on the shelf on the other side. My head seems to stay in a very unnatural forward lean. Even with neck exercises. Nothing has helped. I get sharp pains, very dizzy and hand tremors.
Kerri that sounds awful.....what have your Drs said is the reason for this forward head tilt and pain?
I was told it was CCI. It just feels like I get a bone stabbing in he base if the skull when I hold my head in the normal position. Also I had a choking spell at 4 weeks post op which ripped the muscle and it never got repaired so it's excessively weak
OUCH!!...I hope they plan n helping you and soon.
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