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Neck pain

Can anyone give me any advice on what they do to combat neck pain. I'm in agony with it and have been given no pain relief from my doctor. Thanks
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Get checked for TMJ, treatment (mouth guard) has done wonders for me. I also had low grade sleep apnea, treated it with Nasonex (Dr Ruzzi, Scottsdale AZ) along with mouth guard. I git my life back by 75%. Females though will still very likely experience severe neck pain during PMS .

Getting too tired even when walking, etc, might want to get heart checked. ESP if one has been on antibiotics often or severe flu, strep, scarlet fever, etc. when young.
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It is a strange symptom for a UTI but you may want to make sure you don’t have a bladder infection. My neck starts to burn if I have one of those. I also deal with migraine. I use mint essential oil and/or Tiger Balm to help the pain. I also have a beanbag I can heat up in the microwave and wrap it around my neck. It helps.
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Also, sleep on (or rest on) a couple of tennis balls in a tube sock. Just put the ball where the pressure feels best. Shift around a bit. I get a huge neck pain from being on the computer too much, especially on the right since I'm right-handed. It's like carpal tunnel but in the neck. The tennis balls every night help ease it.
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find a GOOD TMJ doctor and get treated for TMJ. I'm in Phx AZ. What i did to relieve symptoms:
Remove yourself from stressful situations
TMJ treatment (mouthguard, braces if necessary)
Acid free diet (read dropping acid) this will help with acid damage and also save your joints, your body will quickly adjust and this really really helps!
Work out!!!! Yoga/pilates!!! doesn't have to be aggressive
Free weight (they don't need to be heavy you just have to have the correct motion (take time increasing weights) this too helps bone density SOOO much and balance
Walking (keep a dog, they motivating, stress relief (rescue dogs come with free or VERY cheap training classes)
Puzzles, for memory (I found that having had bad episodes negatively impacted my memory)
Chiari can't be cured, but I THINK that treating and preventing symptoms make a HUGE difference.  I'm now going on 6 years, traveling account manager, that entails document reviews, analytics, presentations, and a lot more. Who'd of thought I could return to this type of work?!?!?
I mountain bike ride and low and medium ranges (up to 20 MI at times!)
I run/jog 1-2 times a week, I'm at almost 9cm, I have cerv 3-6 fractured, lower spine degenerative, I've had HUGE cyst removed from lowest spine.
I (& doctors) believe that me keeping active, spirtuality, and stretching have kept me well.

Blessings and better health!
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Hi...since you have a DX for Chiari you will have to look at what your daily activites are....looking at things above your shoulders is hard on your neck, lifting , bending, pushing, pulling.....all can agrivate your neck muscles as well as stressful situations.....even driving can strain your neck and cause more pain.....try anything that heps you relax..a warm bath, darkened room, with your favorite music....and avoid activities that put a strain on your neck and shoulders.
Read at eye level....looking down can hurt as much as looking up.
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I have had 4 neck surgeries, I have degenerate discs disease. I was just diagnosed with Chiari a few months ago after having more continuous headaches, migraines, dizziness, and blurred vision. What type of neck pain are you having,? Do you see a pain specialist? Most MD’s don’t handle pain management. Especially with the opioid issues here in the US. If you are here in the US, you need to see a neurologist or neurosurgeon and possibly a pain management dr. Depending on what you have already experienced, that’s what I had to do after my failed back surgery. The surgeon is only allowed to write a script for I believe 3 mos after surgery and then after that you would have to see pain management. I am having a time getting in to a chiari specialist, they want referrals and my pain dr is really the only 1 that has been treating me andhe won’t give me a referral. The medical experience I have dealt with has been hell, I can’t get one step ahead and because i have had failed surgeries and a paralyzed vocal cord, no one wants me as a patient..... so I guess I will keep trying but man it’s discouraging. I don’t deal well with stupid, I didn’t make me this way. Good luck, I think you need to find a dr at least a bit more aggressive than a MD, that’s just my opinion. Best wishes!!
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