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New symptoms

I have a 4mm herniation indicated from a brain mri in October 2021 and have had new symptoms begin appearing such as bending over and coming back up I get off balance and almost fall and then a weird dizzy feeling that can last minutes to hours. Now this past week I have had really bad neck pain worse than previously and headaches/migraines everyday for now 8 days.

Yesterday was my worst day having a pressure feeling and pain in my head that increased with any positional movements I tried cbd lotion on my neck where I always have knots, ice pack, and excedrin with no relief until I took zolmatriptan like I have had to do everyday previously this week. Which seems to only help symptoms for 12 to 24 hours then it keeps coming back.

I usually only have a streak of 4 days or until cbd is rubbed on my neck to release the knots that seem to contribute to my neck and then head pain.

Anyone else experienced this and if so how did you help relieve symptoms? I am worried about how much migraine pills I am taking in a row plus my insurance covers a limited amount per month.
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Hi, I am so sorry to hear about the increase of your symptoms. My questions would be, what is the weather like in your area, and what are you doing lately...any added stress? For me, I am aware that drastic weather changes along with seasonal changes affect my pain levels....and how dizzy I can get. Prior to surgery, I would be light headed just talking....and most physical activity would also cause more pain and dizziness. Keep track of the weather, your activity and pain levels in a journal to see if there are common cause/thread??

I hope you feel better soon,
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It has been raining a lot here and the temperature has been cold and then warm. It’s all over the place. My activity and daily life hasn’t really changed but I do stay home with a 5, 4, and 3 year old so everyday is pretty stressful. I haven’t really thought about the weather being a problem though. I did get some relief last night from the pressure feeling after trying some ibuprofen. Normally it doesn’t help so I don’t take it unless it’s for something else.

Thank you
Try keeping a journal and log in about weather and daily stressors....if it's an extra crazy day etc....and see if there is a trend to your symptom flares and what is going on around you. I know weather plays a huge roll in how I feel.
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