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Night headaches?

Hi everyone :) I am 17 and had my first decompression surgery for Chiari and Syrinx back in May 2014. During the surgery, my neuro also found that I had an abnormal tendon wrapped around my spinal cord and when he cut it my nerve impulses went up 20 per cent! However, I still have some extensive nerve damage and resulting right side numbness. Before surgery, I had daily migraines, right side numbness, blurry vision, and muscle weakness. Since, I have decreased in migraines to a few a month and no more vision problems(still in PT for muscle/nerve). All of this is just to catch you up on my current bill of health. Recently, my headaches have been returning. However, its weird because they only get really bad at night when I am laying down. I dont know if they are chiari related or not, but they are making me sleep deprived which is causing even more migraines. Its so annoying because I will be tired and then go to bed, but after laying there for about 10 minutes, my head aches and dull pain, it gradually increases until its full-on migraine level. Nothing helps except sometimes it will go away if I get up for about 20 minutes. I called my neuro and he was concerned enough to move my follow-up MRI and appt to February (instead of June) and said that if they get worse to call and he will try to get me in even sooner. Any ideas??
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  Hi....glad to hear the surgery did help you with some of your symptoms....the positional HA's could be a related condition such as POTS..... Do try to sleep in an elevated positions like a recliner to see if it helps until your Dr sees you.

  Keep a journal of what you eat, activities etc....to help your Dr narrow down the possible causes....
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Hello, so glad that your surgery has helped out on your symptoms. This has happened to me a lot lately. The only thing I have found out to help even though most of us strongly disagree with it is I either sit on the floor and tilt my head back until it touches the mattress or I lay at the foot of the bed and allow my head to lean off the bed. It usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes for mine to go away completely allowing me to get rest. I hope you find this helpful.
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