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No Chiari?

I went to see the NS and he sd no Chiari. I was so happy but I still have the symptoms and now have noone to ask. My MRI showed 6mm Chiari, but he sd the line was drawn wrong. I had a MRI because of daily HAs and dizziness. He sd there is good flow around the spinal cord from looking at the MRI. He did not do a CINE flow MRI but he is a Chiari spec. I am happy because it would be better not to have to have surgery, but now what?  Thanks, L
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I would get another opinion.i went with my mri to a nl and she told me i dont have anything,but anxiety.the next one told me its definite chiari with a big herniation.look for a good specialist and get another opinion.good luck
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Hi Hun, i totally understand this. But irislita is correct, to completly satisfy your mind an average of 3 diffrent opinions needs to happen to be honest. x If your still suffering, you need to have more tests don't you.Perhaps there is something else going on that has been missed. xx Good luck x
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...and yes get ur heart tested and let ur vains (i dont know if i wrote it right,the arteries ur blood rushes through)and also ur ears tested.there are so many things that can cause dizziness and headache...i dont know if u did this already.i went through all this shir and would have wished it was my ear.i saw a lot of doctors until someone believed me and paid attention to my problems.do not think that u r crazy.if everything was ok before,there must be a reason.
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....and get ur hips and also mouth checked.theres a disease called craniomandibular dysfunction.i have that 2 and got a thing to use at night...
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Welcome to Chiari.......... Mine is 4mm well 5-6 now.   Some recognize some don't ever doc is different and texts book say so many different things on the matter.  It is more defined as the skull malformation than the herniation itself.  From what my doc explained. The herniation itself is an effect of the malformation of the skull and the smaller herniation just mean surgery may not be needed not that you don't have it.   But as I said every doc has a different opinion.     Just don't give up.  And maybe you don't but I'd you are still having problems than there is something causing them.  Good luck. Sorry you don't feel well.    
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  I must agree with the group here, not sure who u saw, and what criteria they use, the first NS I saw told me I did not have it either.....the next 2 did......

U need as much info as u can get, and how experienced they are with chiari is important...if they do a few surgeries a yr, that does not a specialist make...that is a NS that knows what it is...a specialist does chiari surgeries every day and does his own research....

  As lu mentioned, it could be their opinion of where to measure from, seems that can change from Dr to dr.....

  I know surgery is scary, but if u do have this and it is left untreated u can develop perm nerve damage or worse....make sure u cover all the bases and know for sure and are monitored if u have chiari but do not have an obstruction....

   I mean what did this guy suggest to u?

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Just Curious, You mentioned hips and mandibular check. What do the Dr.s check for in the hips?
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I heared that if u have a a not balanced body and ur hips are not even (sorry i am german my english is not perfect) that means the hip bones in one line,it can cause dizziness...go to an ortopedic person and a chiropractican(oohh i dont know these words in english...hope u get it). Well and this craniomandibular dysfunction is seen by used bones in ur mouth...that can effect ur whole body...i hope it helped sth..
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Elucidating TMD
1. Is it difficult or painful to open the mouth (e.g., yawning)?
2.  Can you point to the pain?
3.  Does the jaw get stuck, locked, or “go out?”
4.  Is it difficult or painful to chew, talk, or use the jaws?
5.  Do the jaw joints make noises?
6.  Do the jaws often feel stiff, tight, or tired?
7.  Is there pain in or about the ears, temples, or cheeks?
8.  Are headaches, neck aches, or toothaches frequent?
9.  Has there been a recent injury to the head, neck, or jaw?
10.  Have there been any recent changes in bite?
11.  Has there been previous treatment for any unexplained facial pain or a jaw joint problem?
12.  Do you ever wake up with the side of your face hurting from grinding or clenching?
13.  Have you seen any other health professionals for relief of these symptoms?

  Only problem with this I see is, I could say yes to all this B4 I had surgery...and NO to all of it post op, if it was  craniomandibular dysfunction I would still have that tight jaw etc....but I do not....

The symptoms may be similar and the dr may be drawing straws....so be careful and make sure ur Drs are thorough.

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Thanxxx selma...u explained as always perfectly.
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Thanks to all of you! I have to let this sink in.... Dr.Jackson in Dallas is the Dr. I saw, he was listed on the Dr. list on this site..I will see someone else and see if they have overlooked something:)
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Lyjody.   Don't become overwhelmed.  ; ).   Just do some of your own research and decide if you feel comfortable with the answer you got from him.    Make a list of questions.   And my first question would be what does he plan of doing now?    But even though surgery isn't his plan he should still have a plan for you to treat the symptoms in my opinion

My herniation is only 5-6 mm and my doc didn't want surgery yet.  But I had severe symptoms including inserting peralysis and they put a shunt in.    (I am not saying this is your solution just using an example).  

Just don't settle with feeling bad that is not a way of life.   ; ).   If he doesn't give you answers seek them else where.  But number one do your research.    The more educated you are the less likely you will walk away fro
the doctors feeling like you don't have answers

Good luck.  
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I am hoping he is right and my MRI was diagnosed wrong and there really is no chiari. I am hoping that another dr. will find the answer. He has no answer and does not plan on seeing me again since I don't need surgery. It is discouaging because it takes so long to get into someone else. Maybe my tension will not be as high, since I was terrified of the surgery. I have appts with 2 different NL, but one is in May and the other in Feb. so I will have time to document and see what they say. Thanks for your help. L
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