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Nose/face is numb & tingly

Help! Last friday i was eating dinner when suddenly my the outside of the right side of my nose and inside my nostril seemed to go numb/tingly. This lasted about 15 min then went away. Today i have been sitting at my desk working.. and again my nose/ inside of right nostril started to feel weird. Even when i breathe in it feels funny.. like i cant feel the air or something....  The numbness/tingliness has spread to my upper lip and eye! all of this is only on the right side. It feels like i cant feel my eye and it even kinda burns...  This is annoying me and really freaking me out! I knwo freaking out dont help.. but this is new and i have no idea!!!
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Similiar thing happened to me awhile back.  Started with my lips going numb then was the left side of my face.  I went to the ER and they all freaked ruling out a stroke, so maybe you should go check it out!! Better to be safe than sorry.  

BTW it wasnt a stroke, they had no clue!
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ahh.. now im really scared! im only 21.. is that even possible?!
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with chiari anything is possible, but please don't get youself all worked up.  it is most likely due to nerve compression and/or overcrowding of the brainstem from the chiari.  the biggest thing in any new situation is to remain calm.  call your dr and suggest maybe an mri if you haven't had one in a while.  that would be a good place to start.
let us know how you make out, lovely!
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Hey Elizabeth!
Calling my doc seems like a great idea.. except for the fact that I dont have one! lol
I dont bother calling my GP for anything other than the common cold.. or its over his head!
Last time i called my NS about blacking out when I lay down... he said unless I want surgery, i should be talking to my NL.  Soo I made an appt with my NL... he said chiari really isnt a "neurologists thing" and i should be doctoring with my NS! They pushed me off on eachother. and no one helped me! So i still go black when i lay down... i just dont lay on my back anymore!  So i know calliing either of them will be a waste of my breath!
I am fighting my insurance STILL to go to a specialist (heffez) but who knows how long that will be!  
The compression of a nerve point you said makes sense.... as my herniation is 10mm.. so im sure it could easily be....   is this just another one of them random symptoms that will come and go?! If so.. i can just ignore it for now... its just scary! I hate running to a doc everytime i have a symptom! ha if i did that.. i mite as well set up a tent and live at the docs office :(  lol   I just hate to ignore something serious!
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You should call your pcp and report your symptoms as soon as possible.  I know what you mean about being over his/her head, but your symptoms at least should trigger him to order follow up testing another mri at least.  I can tell you that this is how my chiari symptoms started.  numbness in left lip then left cheek then neck down to arm to left leg.  ER CT scan showed horrible sinus infection for which i had surgery, but MRI showed chiari.  I have been to tci who confirmed the overcrowding along with significant vetebral artery on one side is causing these symptoms.  Please do notify your md, when was your last mri?  maybe time for another to see how things are.   Good luck with your insurance, usually if you've seen at least 2 local specialists who can't help you they will approve an out of area one.  fyi dr heffez participates with beech street network and a lot of insurances use this network, might be worth asking your insurance about because a lot of customer service reps don't even think to let you know this.  http://www.beechstreet.com/beechplus/IPLU/Control?hJSPName=splash.jsp&hButtonMode=Search  I just found out mine does and hope to see dr heffez in 2011.
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I would still suggest calling ur pcp.   Just in case it is something else. But I would not get to worked up. I get numbness on and off in my face   Most of mine is my legs hands and fingers. So it didn't scare me when it moved to other areas.  But there is slot that could go wrong and better safe than sorry.  

Self diagnosis is never good but I have learned that most docs don't know where to even start.  

Please keep us informed and be careful.  U need a doc to be following u until u can see the speacialist.    
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Not trying to scare you but anything is possible.  You may want to consider the ER, they may want to do a CT scan to rule out anything else.  It would get you "some" answers pretty quick.  Not that they would be the best answers!
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lovely...i stand by my first post.  since they know you have chiari, if it has been a while since your last mri, shouldn't be a problem to get a new one.  give your dr a call in the am and see what they have to say.
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I also have recently started having numbness on the left side of my face. It feels like I just left the dentist. I'm also having a lot of pain down my left arm and my elbow hurts. Almost all of my symptoms are left sided except the HA it hurts all over!! I am slurring a lot and stumbling. I stay dizzy. I know strangers must think I am an alcoholic, but I have no control over it!! I can't talk or do anything without getting extremely winded. LORD, I hope they figure this out.
I wish you all the luck in getting in to see a good DR. I would call and call until I got someone to take me. I would make a list of all the test you think you should have and take them to your pcp/gp and ask him to order as many of them as possible then once you get all your reports start calling different NS and e-mailing your reports to them.
I am on state Insurance so it doesn't cover me to see any Dr. out of my state and very few specialist in my state even accept it. I so wish I could go to TCI and be examined but it doesn't look like that's going to happen unless I win the lottery.
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This happens to me daily--and ebbs and flows....face (one side or the other), lips, tongue...always in right arm....a spot here and there.  Very unsettling at first--but I've gotten used to it now...usually is noticeable for chunks of time --15-45min at a time.
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Lol...such a good description!!! I just uploaded a picture that is perfect "Chiari is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!".
Problem is that when you tell the docs that no two days are the same they look at you like you're making it up. Makes you feel like maybe you are, until you start talking to other people who deal with the same exact things! So glad I found this group!
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Hey girls,

Similar thing happened to me after i'd been beaten up, lost the feeling of one side of my body and face, eyesigh and all. got rushed to a and e, in hospital for days, brain scans etc, they thought it was a haemmorage or a stroke.

Turns out it is a type of migrane caused by all the stress. called a haemophligic migrane, google it.....its pretty standard and the doctor just gave me some really good tablets.
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Hi...not sure if u have chiari, but numbness is a typical symptom and more than not a tablet of nekind will help.

If we had just been beaten up which I feel is not something neone would want I could see that being an issue...however, since this is more neurological in nature meds tend to skirt the pain instead of addressing it.

Many chiarians r treated for migraines with little to no success....there r a few exceptions and there r those that deal with both chiari and migraines....

I appreciate ur thoughts and the experienced  u shared.
So glad the meds worked for ur type of HA.

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I got diagnosed with Chiari a little over a year ago (after 6 months of wondering what in the world was going on and after all kinds of tests). Lately, my blood pressure has been sky high despite healthier diet and taking supplements that are supposed to lower blood pressure. (I have to limit myself on exercise since I feel faint and my heart rate shoots up too quickly if I get hot at all.) Well, last night, I had a spell, laid down on the floor and rested a few minutes. When I opened my eyes, I freaked out because I looked at the ceiling fan mirror right above me and saw that the whole right side of my face was "drooped" or "sagging"! It went away after minutes, but even now, my right cheek and bottom right lip get tingly.
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I get the facial numbness often. I spend a lot of time at my desk trying to get a feather off of my nose. It really PI$$e$ me off sometimes. The numbness is just weird. And, often times I will have a tingle, or an itch. I'll try to scratch it, and its like I can't find it when I go to reach for it. it suddenly disappears or my brain just doesn't acknowledge that I'm touching the spot that needs scratched.
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There are many causes of the symptoms you describe but to be honest you would need to talk to your family doctor as soon as possible.
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  Hi....I had that droppy issue on one side of my face as well....lucky for me I was at my NS's office and the nurse asked me if I ever get facial numbness and I said yes, I feel it on my left side of my face now, she said I know, I can see it as your face is dropping...it is a symptom of Chiari....but not everyone will experience it....

Do you have a Chiari specialist?
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