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Since u all seem to be enjoying adding wonderful comments by ur drs...lets just do a thread of them.....

Have at it all....lol.....
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These are so fun to read. : )

I stand by the one I posted: "your problems are induced from post tramatic stress and yes you have a normal low lying cerebrial tonsils but they are part of an asymptomatic incidental Chiari". Oh yes and I am now scheduled for an "elective" surgery to fix them.  

How is low lying normal??? And how can it be asymptomatic when I am botching about symptoms??? And the best who and the hell chooses to have brain surgery??? It isn't like I am having a mole removed that I don't like seeing when I wear a tank top or getting lasic eye surgery because I don't want glasses.......
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I think it is great when they make you do all sorts of funny nuro-test things like touching your nose ect. and then procede to tell you the only symptom of Chiari is headaches! Why in the world did you make me do all those things then??

Or "you need to go home and go on an agressive weight loss program. That will take care of your Chiari malformation."

One asked if I had done research online. He said that some sites are overly enthusiastic about symptoms and I should ignore those sites.
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I stood up closed my eyes and proceded to fall backwards twice, my left lower leg was numb and various other fails on my mini neuro tests.  The NS says "I will be back in a few minutes let me look at your scans".  So he returns and says your neuro exam is essentially normal and this tiny little herniation is so small cant be causing a problem.  After all you were born with it.  I dont see any reason to see you back!  

15 minutes and $350 to be dismissed.  What a moron he is!
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I went to an NL with symptoms, told him I had been diganosed with Chiari about 10 or 15 years prior and had been symptom free between when I was diagnosed and the time I was symptom free up to the last few months before I landed in his office... He did the mini neuro test which I passed and he said "If you have a chiari maliformation, I'll eat my shirt"  He made the comment without looking at an MRI or anything.  I don't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did that day since the symptoms returned.
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The ENT specialist stated there is nothing neurologically wrong with you.  Change your lifestyle and you will be fine...So off I go loose 36lbs and still my symptoms persist?????  they then refer me to NL have brain mri.... they state mri normal...... 9 months later and another NL they see from same mri.. oh you have swelling on yr brain...... 4 months on and here I am being told it is a developmental issue you have had it all your life, its mild and your symptoms are in your mind........So why was I up all last night with that awful sensation that drive me nuts and we cant describe, buzzing,tingling,vibrating you no the one and today feel exhausted.Total joke what we have to go through.....
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My favorite is the walk around the office to see ur gait..well .....lets see....ummm...I can take 3 steps this way, then mayb turn around and get 4 over that way.....come on...really?? If I have to concentrate as to where I can walk I am focus on my walking and it will not look bad.....it is when I am moving about and not concentrating  that I lose balance.....

Why do they do this in a tiny office???
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The very first NS I saw (8 years ago ) told me " When you get older, your brain will shrink, and your Chiari will go away!
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LMAO...yeah it will shrink...but not as much as that drs did already...lol....
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My husband JOKED about that.  He's no doctor, but he knew enough to repeat that stat to me with HUMOR!!!!

I agree with Selma... his head has been shrunk (must be dating a witch doctor or something...)
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Well the dumbest thing that's been said to me thus far has to be ....."Having a headache is just an experience we go through. It isn't real. Just think of it like this. You have a fire alarm, and that fire alarm should only go off when there is a fire right? Well, your fire alarm is broke so it is constantly going off, but there is no fire. "

Seriously??? The sad thing is he got paid to waste my time. I was the one out my gas, money, and time!!!
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I am thinking going to a doctor for chiari is like paying to see a bad comedian....... Semi funny but not worth the over priced tickets
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LMAO...I think u got something there Ang....lol....
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