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Occipital Neuralgia after surgery

Ugh! 2 weeks post op and pain at surgical site is fine but entire rt side of head on fire and feels numb and having swallowing issues.  Saw surgeon and he said I have damage to occipital nerves from surgery. Treatment is neurontin (which I hate) and occipital nerve blocks every few weeks. He said it may heal in a few months, years or never! Pain prior to surgery was 2/10. Now 9/10. Am crushed! Anyone have this?
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Hi...I am so sorry ur pain is worse then prior to surgery, but the Dr is right, it can take time, nerves take longer to heal and being at 3.5 yrs post op I can say I can see just how my body continues to change as time went on,

I was not like u with worse pain or  nerve damage.....but, if he feels it may heal, try to be positive and I am sending prayers it works out that way for u.

The only other thing u can do, is if u continue to feel poorly is get another opinion of what is causing the issue.

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After my first surgery I was also told I have occipital neuralgia. I am on neurontin ever since. I also had nerve blocks done for awhile. Just to find out all my pain wasn't all due to the nerve damage but I needed another surgery because my first ns only did bony decompression. It didn't help at all. After my second surgery I am better some...but still get horrible headaches once a week that lasts for days and if I do too much daily headaches. Oh and my scar is extremly tender and sore. And my neck muscles we're repaired and healing very slowly. I am almost 9 weeks post op and still have significant edema in surgical area. I see my nl tomorow, hopefully he has a plan
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I've also had this same pain since my second surgery in 2010. It waxes and wanes a bit, though it's never gone. I've opted not to do neurontin or nerve blocks and have found that I'm more able to tolerate it over time. Sorry you're dealing this this...
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i developed this after a bunch of surgeries and now i have an occpital nerve stimulator and absolutely love it!!!!!
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I'm glad you have relief!  
I see that it's considered "invesitgational".  It's kind of like acupuncture on the go.
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