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PE in High School

I was just a month ago or so diagnosed with type 1 Chiari malformation, but the fact is that I'm 17 years old and still in high school with PE classes which are mandatory. I went to a neurologist but she wasn't one I would trust because all she basically said to me was which was written on my MRI results. I have an appointment with another neurologist but it's on 19th Feb.
What I'm wondering is if there are things which I shouldn't be doing in PE classes? I don't have an official note to show because the research is still going on but I could talk with the teacher because she's quite understanding. In the class, we have running (sprint and long distance), acrobatics, volleyball, baseball, soccer, floorball, basketball, jump rope jumping, push-ups, sit-ups, long jump, high jump, shot put, and now in the winter we also have ice skating.

If anyone wants to know why I don't think the first neurologist was a good choice is because when I asked if I should avoid doing something, she replied that nothing too bad has happened so far so I think you'll be fine.
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   Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

   I know just how you feel ...gym class for me when I was in High school was a bit too much most of the time....back then there were no MRI's available...so no idea what the issues were.

  A Chiari specialist will tell you to avoid straining....lifting, bending, etc will trigger symptoms....best thing is to listen to your body as we are all different in how we are affected by the symptoms....

Physical contact is something to avoid as well ...you do not want to hit your head....

Once you have a DX you should be seeing a true Chiari specialist which would be a NS...a NL will DX you...so once you have it you need someone to treat you....

Educate yourself on the related conditions and get them ALL ruled out....and research Drs ...having the right one is key!

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Thank you for the reply, and I hope I find the right doctor but the only problem is that there might not be one because I'm from quite a small country and there just may not be one. But I'm not giving up hope yet :)
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  Many of us  do have to travel and I know  some travel out of the country to get to a Dr...and I also know that is not always possible....

If that is the case, you could try and see if a Dr there is willing to do a consult with  known Chiari specialist to get insight.
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Thank you for all the help, I have two appointments with two different Drs, I hope that one of them might be able to help me with Chiari or at least direct me where there might be some help :)
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I am also from a small town on the mad, but don't let this discourage you. I fought hard with insurance company in order to go out of state. But since I will feel more comfortable with one closer to home they approved of my visits to my ns who is very compassionate towards his patients as well as very understanding.

Some of the issues I had in gym was the sit ups, pull ups, weight lifting, dodge ball, kick ball, and push ups. The jump rope, stretching, running, as well as some sports we did do didn't bother me. So it just depends on what your body tells you. Especially when you are having flairs. We only had to nine weeks of gym and mine was in the winter. So I didn't have to worry about going outside until it was time to walk or run on the track. But listen to your body it will never fail you.

Good luck on your journey and remember you have a family full of support on here.
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  Do see if your Drs will seek a consult with a Chiari specialist in another country ......

  I know many of the specialists here in the states will consult to help others out....so give it a try and let us know how they works out.
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