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Hi All please wear your purple to gain awareness for Chiari and to help support  our friend who heads into surgery on Tuesday Feb 16th to repair a CSF leak.

Sending Good Vibes ~~~~ and prayers to her and all in charge of her care.

and sending healing MoJo for a smooth recovery.
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  Praying they can stop the leak <3
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Sorry about the use of the other thread....

Good luck tomorrow and all thoughts and prayers are with you!
Yea, oops, I didn't know that either. :/  
I guess my squeaky brain leaned something new today ;)
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  No worries...not everyone here is aware of how I do this.....just trying to inform so we have a consistent place to post.....
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SO many prayers going out&up for you my friend!! I know your a strong one- "the force is strong with this one" (my inner geek coming out for you!)  I can't wait to hear your out, done and headed into a smoother recovery! Just imagine "this time next week", you'll be nearly a week away from this surgery!
You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, you know that!
Hugs hugs hugs to you!!!!
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  Thinking of you gjjl !!
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Praying it all went well & that you're into a smooth recovery now.
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Thank you ladies!!! I am home!!! Had a few set backs but the surgery was successful!!! Thank you for your unconditional support and prayers!!! You all mean the world to me!!! When I have those bad days I remember I have all of you and it helps me tremendously
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Yayyyy!!!! So glad to "hear" your voice!!! Happy to hear your home-in your own bed again & that despite the setbacks, it was successful! leak repaired!! Awesome! <3 <3 <3
Now, rest rest rest...take it easy easy easy!!!!  I demand!!! ;)
Seriously, happy to hear your home & you can now fall into recovery! Take it sloooowww! Did I mention rest, take it easy and slow? ;)
Hugs to you!
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I'm glad everything went well!  Hopefully, you can start to heal and feel better soon!
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so glad you are home and can start recovering! It's always easier than in the hospital if you ask me. Take it easy on yourself!
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