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Hi all wear ur purple tomorrow May 24th to show awareness of Chiari and support of our friend as she heads into surgery.

Sending good vibes~~~~ and prayers to her and all in charge of her care.

and sending healing MoJo for a smooth recovery.
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Sending prayers. Try to relax tonight ok. Easier said then done, I know. Hoping for a great recovery. You will be fine. Will be waitin for update when you feel better. Hugs        Dana
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Sending lots of prayer and love in your direction Rahe! I hope your recovery goes really well and you are doing what you love in no time at all! Definitely praying for you.
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You will be in my thoughts and prayers! Here's looking forward to better days ahead.:) Hoping your recovery goes well hon. Take it slow and easy and get lots of rest.
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All the best for u!!!!
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Sending prayers for a wonderfully smooth and uncomplicated recovery!
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I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  God speed your recovery.  Heed the warnings to take it slow.  Time sure heals.  
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Thanks to all of you for your prayers. I was just notified that Dr. Walsh has an emergency going on his own life and will not be able to perform my surgery tomorrow. I have to call his office in the morning to reschedule. Please continue your prayers for me...as now I really need them even more. Thanks again to you all.
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  I am so sorry to hear that, and I am sending prayers to u and ur Dr.....

Hang in there...and prayers will continue to come ur way : )
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Thanks Selma. I appreciate it. It is really an emotional downpur when you think surgery is in a few hours and it get s cancelled. On the plus side ...I have some time to do some swimming and summer stuff with my kids since today was their last day of school. They deserve it ..they both brought home all A's on their final report cards :)-
My son's teacher sent me a Get well prayer card today..she is too sweet.
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  That is the way to look at it....just relax and enjoy the xtra time b4 surgery...
they r done with school for the yr?...really? the school my DD teaches at got until the last Wednesday in June.....

Congrats to the Kids and those wonderful report cards : )
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Yep...today was their last day. I know we go alot earlier than most schools do. We start august 15th. I have to call his office in the morning to reschedule ...hopefully it won't be too long. AS long as I don't have to do pre-op again I will be fine.
Thanks ...I am so super proud of the kids <3
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