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PRAYER THREAD~~~Viva001, Honnabees, 17sunshine

  Hi all wear ur purple tomorrow June 13th to show awareness for chiari and support of 3 of our friends as they head into surgery.

sending Good Vibes ~~~~ and prayers to all 3 and all in charge of their care.

and sending healing MoJo for a smooth recovery for each of them. <3
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Oh u three.i am wishing u all the best...praying ans thinking of you.big hugs for all of u
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WoW!! 3 of them tomorrow! Looks like the day will be spent busy with well wishes and prayers!
Deep breath guys! Relax and get the pain relief you need! Thoughts for your families and care givers that they will know what you need, and how to make it happen!
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My thoughts and prayers are with all three of our family members. Everything will be fine, try to relax and it will be over before you know it! Try to get as much rest as possible! (I know it is difficult to rest.. but it is so important)
Hopefully these surgeries will help make each of you feel better!
Good luck and God bless!

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Thoughts, Prayers and Healing Energy Sent to You All!
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Happy Healing thoughts being sent their way!! Hope the recovery is fast!
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Sending good vibes!
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You are all in my prayers and I am putting my purple on me and my kids when I am  finished typing this. You are all three in my thoughts and prayers. I am just awaiting to hear updates <3
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  Thinking and praying for all 3 of u, got my purple on too : )
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  Wondering if neone heard from any of these 3???
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Has anyone heard from them? I am wondering how they are doing and hoping all went well!
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  I haven't heard a thing, and am sending Healing MoJo to all 3
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To my latest knowlegde 17sunshine is out of surgery and I think doing well. Not absolutely positive, but that is what I read .
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Prayers and hopes for a safe and speedy recovery for all who had their surgery. May the Lord watch over you and heal you to the best shape you have ever been in. God bless you all. xo
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Hi kids!  I came home Saturday w/my daughter, who tells me I'm doing remarkably well.  My NS said the surgery went fast & there were "no surprises".  the first couple days were dreadful of course, then the nausea was as bothersome as the pain, but both are tolerable now.  I won't pretend that the first 2 days were easy at all.
I wasnt in ICU, & didn't have sutures or staples, just some sticky stuff.  Could be post-its,  lol.

The symptoms eliminates immediately were numbness in my arms/hands, and sensation of feeling overheated but not sweating.

We went to thrift stores the day before surgery, and I found a stuffed black lab, which is what my daughter has, so I did end up w/a pet on my hospital bed!

Thanks for prayers & healing mojo; I really believe it helps. I look forward to catching up.
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  Viv so glad to hear from u...thanks for the update : )
SO happy u had a pet on ur bed...lol....hope u got pics to share : )

For now rest, rest and then rest some more.....
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So glad to hear that things are going well!  Hope that trend continues.  :)
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