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Pain, and just tired of it all!

As some of yall know I had surgery January 4th and spent 14 days in the hospital in what I consider pure hell, others may disagree but I was in extreme pain and nothing seemed to work and my doc was and still is an egotistical jerk, he just could not believe I was in that much pain and still can't.. I got out on the 18th...anyways, I started running fever the 19th but by the 20th I was back in an ambulance running a 104 fever and in severe pain in my head, neck, shoulders, and legs(don't know why my legs hurt but they were killing me and still do at times) but they never could find the "reason" for either...they done a spinal tap and Ct Scan, blood work and all..so they sent me home.. I end up being referred to a pain specialist( I was in severe pain) where I felt I got treated more like a drug head then a patient, he actually told me not to be giving my pills away! WTH? I mean what right did he have to even say that..he ended up having to giving me some kind of numbing shots in my head near the surgery scar, and some pain shots (dilauded) and I started feeling some better but he just would not believe all the pain was not gone..I laid in a room there for about 15 mins seeing how the meds affected me and they sent me home, well by the time I got home (30mins) my head felt like it was going to explode it hurt so bad! Whatever he gave me worked somewhat for a short time but I hurt like heck within 30 mins or so after words. I told my husband I thought my head was going to seriously erupt it hurt so bad. Well the next day I went to see the surgeon who performed the surgery and he let me know someone(he believes was me) called administration at the hospital on him and he wasn't happy..I tried to explain I never called on him(and I promise yall I didnt), maybe someone else didnt like how he treated me? But I seriously never called anyone on him. He kept saying well even if I did I was hurting yada yada, and of course here I am crying explaining to him If I had a problem with him Id come to him not the hospital! We kinda had a few small words nothing major and then my wonderful supportive husband(sarcasm) basically tells me I need to be quiet in so many words...WHAT? Here he expects me to let this doctor talk to me like he is so I tell him top shut up or something and he gets mad and walks out of the room, which was fine with me, after all he wasn't the one in severe pain (he hasn't gave me much support through this anyways, which doesn't help)..Anyways,,here I am stuck with a doc who really doesnt like me for something I honestly didnt do and I dont care for him because of his attitude and the fact he wasn't much of a doc after the surgery, I was in the hospital 14 days and may have saw him twice the whole time, to me, thats not a good doc but I still never called and "told" on him, heck I didnt even know you could do such things...my dilemma is I am in severe pain daily, been running fever off and on since the 19th but since he cant find a reason its all ok..I'm so off balance and falling everywhere Saads home health is having to come out to help me on certain days with PT, occupational therapy, and s few other things,,I have fallen quite a few times here at home and I wont even attempt a shower unless someone is home with me..I need a new surgeon..I called one (I live in Alabama) and they said unless it had been at least a year they wouldnt even take my case, is this the way all surgeons feel? Am I doomed with this doctor for a whole another year? He knows the pain I am in, he just dont care, and I seriously mean he just dont care. I will not give names on here as I do have to still see him until someone else gives me a chance. Have yall ever heard of another surgeon taking on a case such as mine this soon after surgery? Cause either I made a mistake with the surgery or the surgeon himself, and NO he was not a Chiari Specialist before anyone ask..but he had did many of these surgeries so I assumed everything would be ok...Am I stuck with him or do yall know someone very knowledgeable that will try and help me? sorry so long but I seriously need help and dont know where to start..I prob left something out but I am hurting and can't sit at this computer long, as a matter fact this is the first time Ive been at this desk in weeks, I have used my phones internet but to sit here hurts my neck and head and shoulders..Thanks in advance and I pray I have made some sense. Plz add me to FB if you can help me in anyway! I feel at a loss! My name on FB is Martha Fikes-Duke, if you cant help plz dont bother with it, I am seriously seeking help here...and plz dont take me the wrong way, this pain has got me so grouchy and ill and miserable I cant stand myself!
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Hi...I am so sorry u r having this experience, the Dr, the pain all of it....u need support and I am sure ur DH is just as lost as u r....

  Most NS's will not see u once u have had surgery period....so, for someone to say in a yr, that is surprising to me.

Question- is this the original NS or the one that substituted that is giving u all the issues and if it is the sub, can u go to the original one for help?

   It sounds like u r having an issue and I am not quite sure what, but I feel u need to be checked now, not in a yr...u may be able to get a true chiari specialist to see u.....

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First I am so sorry you are going through this,i was told the one year thing also until I told my story and they saw me. You obviously need someone else that will help you. Hang in there and know I am praying for you ti find the answers you need to heal.
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I know my NS has taken other patient's after they have had surgery, but he is here is Muskegon Mi if you want to give hm a try.  I love how he listen's he is honest and very concerned with his patient's at least he was to me.  I do know a lot of NS don't like to because they know your coming to them most unfortunally because of mistakes other doctor's made.  I wish you the best.  It's hard to feel the way your feeling right now.  It will get better I promise.
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