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Pain in the front of the neck

Does anyone else with chiari have pains at the front of the neck to the Side  of but lower than the adam's apple?  I have this a lot and it feels  to be pressure within a blood vessel on each side.    What about bee stings down your spine on your skin from the neck area?  Especially after physical work? What ablout this feeling of loss of memory for example, walking out of the grocery and wondering where you were and why,then it occurs to you to wonder where your car is parked aNd to look to see what you have in your basket.  Do these sound familiar?  Thanks all!
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I am sorry I should have also,asked if any one has food going down your throat when you didn't know it was going to?  Like it went down but you didn't swallow it, and it doesn't choke you. I have had some weird thing happening that I don't know if they are related to chiari.
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I have the pressure/discomfort in my collarbone area as well.  It can be felt in the front of my neck sometimes.  Often, I feel a lump in my throat but I believe that this symptom is anxiety related because I was put on Clonazapam for a month and the lump went away. As far as the neck tightness (feeling of pressure within a blood vessel), I can't explain what is going on!  I have yet to get any doctor to accept that my 18mm herniation is actually affecting me (no csf blockage), but every month seems to be bringing on stronger symptoms. I used to do Yoga, until the burning and weakness in my shoulderblades, from straining I believe, started causing pain in my arms and legs as well as severe brain fog and nausea following a class.  I think this is similar to what you are describing as stinging in your spine after physical work. I have learned to take it easy and my exercise routine involves walking the dog.  The pains in my arms (and less often legs) have subsided for the most part, since I stopped the Yoga.

The fogginess you describe, wondering where you parked your car or why you made that journey to the grocery store is a feeling that has increased for me!  It is something that I have learned to accept as part of me, growing up, but it has definitely worsened in the last few years (I am 50). This symptom is common among Chiarians, as I'm sure you will hear with further posts!!

I haven't experienced the food swallowing issue, but I often gag on liquid.  It just seems to go down the wrong way, often.

I hope this helps you to understand, a little.  I know it is a very frustrating journey.  It takes a while for you to understand the patterns of feelings in your body.  Take it easy with the physical stuff, especially in your upper body, as I have learned; a little tredmill probably wouldn't hurt anyone, though.

Take care,  Heather
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  Hi, many with Chiari do have swallowing issues and have a swallowing test with barium done to check to see if it is something other then a neuro issue going on....

I use to have a weird thing happen when drinking water, I would take a sip and swallow or thought I did, but I must not have swallowed it all, bcuz a while later I would realize I had water in my mouth yet...not sure how I managed  to swallow only half of what I took in....

I would also gag on things and when I got emotional I would get a sore sensation in my throat and neck....it was strange.....

And like lynn mentions the fog is quite common with chiarians....we all have that too.

So to answer ur question- yes, they all can be related to chiari.
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I also had swallowing problems: choking & spasms in my esophagus.  I'm still having difficulty w/peristalsis--food moving down my esophagus.  I will have this checked out if it doesn't resolve soon.

I didn't have pain below my adam's apple, but I always had pain in my ears & throat, and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.  No one ever questioned the pain after that.
I just read in "Contents under Pressure" that this pain is due to compression to the 9th cranial nerve!

YES, absolutely to the brain fog.  I even burned my hand once, not thinking.
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Hello  I have a constant feeling of discomfort like I am wearing a necklace that is too tight.
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I know what you mean.  I was just thinking this morning that I would decribe the tight feeling in my collarbone area as having two 5lb weights sitting on each shoulder; maybe a few attached to the front of my throat too.

I also get that sore feeling in my throat.  Not the lump, but a sore ache that feels like it is in the same place as the herniation, only in the front of my throat...
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