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Pain management

Hey, I am on meds for pain ect but they don't seem to make much of a difference :( is there any position that reduces the pain or anything you can do at home to reduce it? Thanks -Rosiexxx
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thank you! i will try some of these out! xx
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Pain and movement go together for me. I can't lay flat. If I fully support my head and shoulders,to say....3/4 sitting position while laying on my back and elevate my legs behind the knees,this takes pressure off a tender lowback and tailbone,  its tolerable and the pain meds can knock the headache down to a manageable 4 or 5.

Neck pain...sorry no fix there. I haven't found one yet. I hate anything touching it sometimes, others I need soft support.

Hope this helps.
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Are you referring to head pain, neck pain, or pain somewhere else?  For me, pre-op, nothing worked.  I had headaches that would wake me up every couple of hours.  Now that I'm post-op, I prop myself up on the couch with my Chiari Zipperhead pillow and that seems to help my pain meds work.  The pillow is great (I had it pre-op, too) because it has filling you can add or take out.  
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As for a position you must test and find one you are comfortable with yourself. My position always involves laying down with head raised.... For pain i pretty much rely on ice packs and headache soothing rubs? Headsoothe they are called as pain killers are pretty much a placebo for me and have no effect :(

I have started putting heat muscle rub on my back for pain and the burning takes my mind of headache for a while also lol

Rubbing method oil on my temples and behind ears gives me some relief and the smell is relaxing.

Hope you can find something to help

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