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I just had surgery on the 13th. When walking or moving aroung for about 45 mins,I feel  intolerable pain, and a warm, sensation in my lower back. I could barely stand it feels like my lower back has been beaten up. I did not have this before surgery. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong?
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We don't realize after having this surgery what it does to our bodies.  Being up and about for 45 min and just having surgery I would guess your body is telling you to rest.  Have you been drinking a lot of water?  I know I am not really good at this, but I know it is important.  That might be why your back hurt's.  I say REST, REST, REST.   I know it isn't easy ecspecially this time of year, but very inportant for you right now.  Try using a heating pad on your back for 15 min.  It might help.  Wish you the best.  Get some rest  :) Linda
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

Were u checked for tethered cord b4 u had surgery?...many times those with TC, post op from PFD surgery they can experience more pain and issues....it is too early to know for sure as linnie said u need to rest, rest and then rest some more.....

This does take time,and u may have some pain and symptoms as u heal as the nerves bcome active again.....

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Thank you so much for responding!
I am totally resting its just really strange to me because i could have slept all day and then I get up walk around or stand around for a small window and that burning sensation in my back, begins. Along with severe throbbing pain, it's terrible literally, I can then no longer stand or walk.
Once I sit I am still in pain but it subsides after am resting. I am very worried about this. I see my doctor tomorrow. I will ask him about the tethered cord tomorrow. I know my MRI of spine showed I had several herniated disk .thanks for writing its great to hear from people that understand the feeling.
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  Bulging disks can affect CSF flow just like the herniated tonsils did...and that can cause many of the same symptoms...but, many of  the nerves may have been compressed or pinched and after u release the pressure by having the surgery it is possible for some activity to come back to them....

I would also have ur Dr check those disks, I have a bulging disk that shifted post op....

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hi selma, i read your journal about your surgery! wow, you have been through so much. i cant imagine.
how are you doing now? do you regret doing the surgery?how has it affected your life?
i went to the neuro today, and explained the warm sensation, and extreme lower back pain, as well as pain in my knees. his answer"well i dont want to tell you, your gonna need back surgery, so lets give it a few weeks. i hope this felling eventually goes away. on your journal you wrote about how you found yourself looking for some were to sit at when shopping. how are you doing now?

i also wanted to ask you, how did your scalp feel after surgery. i feel like the back of my head is not my own, it feels swollen, and like theres some kind of material under my scalp. while the top of my head feels numb.

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  Hi, I am doing ok...I do have other chiari related conditions that cause me issues now that I am post op...like EDS, I get joint pains....and I have bulging disks as a result and I have to be careful with my neck as I can move a certain way can have drop attacks start all over again....for this reason I do not drive....do not work....

I do not regret having the surgery...not sure how bad I would be if I didn't have it....

The need to sit when out shopping is due in part to my lower back and legs, which again is a related chiari condition tethered cord....I did not have that surgery yet, so I still do not like to go shopping for too long.

How ur scalp feels post op is pretty typical....I would suggest u try not to wash ur hair too often as it can dry the scalp and pull at the scar...I was also told to use J&J baby shampoo as it is gentle.

Hope I answered ur questions...if not reask....lol...
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