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Physical Therapy - Chiari

Wondering if anyone had benefits from phyical therapy instead of surgery after being diagnosed with Chiari/low lying cerebellar tonsils.

Been on the doctor wagon for 4 years and just finally have confirmation that in fact my cerebellar tonsils are low lying and pretty tight so a blockage of some sort in addition to mid/lower cervical instability.  Ordered to wear a cervical collar and isometric physical therapy.  The appt. was alot of coverage and overwhelming so as soon as the report comes in I will have a better understanding as to the blockage and everything going on.

Have been to physical therapy in the past but very short term.  3 sessions.

Oh and EDS dx as well.  

Waiting on my insurance approval for PT.....found isometric cervical exercises on Mayfield Clinic website but they make me dizzy, lol.
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I tried PT a few years ago and only did 2 sessions as 1. my copays were 40 each and I couldn't afford 80/120 per week and I thought the same thing that it aggravated the symptoms.

I guess we will see.  I hope not because after all these years of being told it wasn't the low lying tonsils, I quit my job and landed another one that is to start next week.  Sure would be a problem it the PT makes me worse.

Yes, process of elimination because he asked how much PT I did in the past and when I couldn't answer fast he said obviously not alot so the script got written.

Thank you and same to you.

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Hi there,

I recently tried physio, 6 sessions + a light stretching plan with one of those rubber bands.

I eventually had to stop physio as it seemed to make all of my symptoms more intense - I found no relief what so ever from Chiari symptoms but it did help me and my doctors get a better understanding of how everything was affecting me.

I landed up seeing an opthemalic Surgeon because my vision had got much worse - we figured out that the raised pressure in my head was affecting my vision (visual field disturbances). exercise, even just stretching worsened my vision. This putting pressure on the nerves in my eyes which could cause a lot of damage over the long term.

I hope you find alternate treatment that will help, everyone is different and it's worth pursuing - process of elimination!

Good luck with everything!
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  Hi...sorry no help for me....Glad you are moving forward with DX's and a plan....most Drs will try PT, collars and a few other things b4 surgery....this is not to rule out surgery but can give them an indication as to how your Chiari is affecting you and your overall health in addition to see if there is any improvements with the different approaches....

Have you tried any of the post op neck exercises? They may help strengthen the neck...and help reduce the need for the collar...
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