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Please look at my picture!!

I know you all are not doctors and cannot make official diagnosis, but I would love to have your opinions on my MRI picture.  The report said low-lying cereberal tonsils.  My symptoms match many of Chiari symptoms.  I also have 3 cousins that have been diagnosed with Chiari.  

Thanks in Advance for your help you all are the best!!
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  Hi....well low lying tonsils is a way to say the tonsils r displaced...many say this instead of chiari when the herniation is less then 5mm.

How long r u dealing with ur HA's?....Were u in a MVA at all or a fall that may have triggered  ur symptoms?

  I am finding more and more families with multiple members with chiari....I know the research is not yet complete on this being a genetic disorder, but I really feel it  is.

  May I ask, have u had a CINE MRI yet>?

   I wish I could say more than u know, u may have low lying tonsils, or chiari....I can not tell if ur's is congenital or acquired...but ur family history is shouting at everyone which it most likely is.

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Hi Selma

Thanks for your quick reply I appreciate it.

To answer your questions, I have had a constant non-relenting HA since July. Previous to July, I had frequent HAs that were diagnosed as migraines, however, tradional migraine treatments never worked for me, I just had to let them go away on their own.  Along with HAs I have other neurological symptoms such as memory loss/confusion, balance issues, pins/needles in hands and feet, double/blurry vision, etc.

I haven't been in a MVA or a fall that could have triggered anything.

I have not had a CINE MRI yet, but I do have an upcoming appointment at TCI so hopefully they will will be able to tell me something, and before the appointment I am scheduled for testing.  I'm not sure what all that will be, but I'm sure they will get what they need.

Thanks again for your reply and any other information will be greatly appreciated.
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