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Please tell me it gets better

I am four days post op and feel horrible!!!! I have fuzzy vision, lots of pain and tons of stomach cramps even though I am on a stool softener. Wishing I never had the surgery at this point ;(  hoping this is all because I am newly post op.
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I hope you feel better soon. I am having surgery on6/17/13 and I am nervous. Where did you have you're surgery done? I am going to Pittsburgh.
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Michigan :) I was super nervous too, not having good days is not helping , but I am only 4 days post op so.. Hopefully it will get better.  
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This was a huge surgery, there will be ups and downs for awhile. The absolute most important thing is to rest rest rest. Everyone is different the first month was my hardest but it gets better. Don't give up and just take care your not alone!!
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  Hi,,,,sorry u r not doing well...but as the others have mentioned it is diff for all of us and it is hardest in the recent  days of having this major surgery......

Are u home?.....what other meds are u on?
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No, I am still at the hospital , they just took me off Iv meds at one so its all oral. I'm on robaxin, zofran, and decadrone with Tylenol piggy back and stool softeners.  Hoping to go home tomorrow If all goes well on oral meds tonight.
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It does get better! The first couple of weeks are the worst, but you will get through it. If you've lived with Chiari, you can make it through this too. Don't expect too much too soon. Just give yourself the first couple of months to rest; you won't regret it. Take care.
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I live in michigan and had my first surgery at u of m.....where'd u have your surgery done by??
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The first couple of weeks was the craziest pain up and down, good abnd bad.  But it started to get better about week thrre and half.  But like they all have said is rest and listen to your body.  I had to have my c2-c7 fused so it has took awhile for me to get used to it, but it can be done.
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You poor thing, I am so sorry you are going through this.  I am 7 years post-op and can still remember the pain.  I think the absolute very worst was the first week.  I can promise, it does get better....MUCH better, so just hang in there.  I remember thinking I would never feel right again, but at some point the days do start to get better.  

I tried to ween myself off the Hydrocodone after the first 10 days....don't try that!  It was DUMB!  Hang in there, you will make it to the other side soon.
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