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Returning vertigo

I was diagnosed with ACM1 several years ago after several symptoms including vertigo. It subsided after about a year. Now about 5 years later it is back. Why? It's worse when lying down Even wakes me from sleep.
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   Hi   and  welcome  to  the  Chiari  forum,

Chiari  symptoms  cycle,  so  they  can  come  and  go,  change in  severity....for no reason or  something could  trigger  a  flare....sometimes  we  continue  to  have  symptoms,  but  we  are  so  use  to  them  we  do  not notice until  they  flare.....

  You  may  have  increased ICP   or developed POTS....or  a  syrinx....it  can  change...when  was  your  last  MRI?
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Hello. I can certainly sympathize with your battle with vertigo. Living with this affects so many areas of our lives. My challenges with vertigo are pretty bothersome, so I have have concentrated on a few specific changes. You should find whatever makes your stomach feel better with your nausea. (I have found that ginger candy works well).You did not mention nausea, but many times the two occur together. Another key change is that I consistently hold onto railings when I use stairs. No more running up and down. Try to always keep your head up when you must bend over - bend your knees rather than bending from the waist. Another thing is to avoid turning your head to either talk with other passengers or look at beautiful scenery when you are a passenger in a car. That is my big issue.

I am not sure I know the reasons for vertigo while lying down. Do you sleep on your back? If so, try to turn on your side and maybe put a pillow between your knees. I hope you can find some relief. Vertigo is tough to deal with.
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  Vertigo  can  strike if we are  prone   or upright....and  it  does not matter  if you  are  on  your  back ,side...if you  move, it gets worse....I use  to get  back  episodes  and  it felt like my  bed  was  spinning so  fast I  would fly  off....lol....so glad  that  is  behind me  now....but  as I  said can  happen  regardless of your  position.
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