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Sacrum Pain

Just wondering if anyone has been told the same thing by their doctor:  I have extreme pain in my sacrum when I sit and a shooting sharp pain in my sacrum when I stand up. Of course all my doctors said they can't find anything wrong, however, my pain doctor said she feels it has something to do with the Tralov Cyst in that area. I researched these cysts and found out that many people who have Chiari also have tarlov cysts. I also found out that they in fact cause a lot of pain. They are CSF filled cysts that are attached to the spine by nerve endings. These cysts are dismissed by Neurologists and Neurosurgeons the same as they dismiss chiari.

I found one of the only doctor who does surgery on the cysts because he understands the disease. He said normally when the pain is severe in the sacrum, then the cysts are could be eroding the sacrum bone and causing perminent nerve damage.

His name is Dr. Feigenbaum and he's in Dallas. If anyone is experiencing this kind of pain, try looking at his website and research this disease. If you male him you MRI's, he will do a free phone consultation but it takes 5 to 6 months.

Hope everyone found some good in their day today!

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i also have that pain just started after my surgery iv never heard of this
i have pain in tailbone and if i am standing and try to put either one of my
legs out to the side the groin pelvis pain is horrible ,sitting also is not good
do u have this pain also,,how do they   check if u have this  thank you
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I'm not sure if the pain in the groin area is the same. I have had a deep ache in my right groin/hip for years but I don't think it's the same. However the pain in my sacrum can be excruciating at times. Sitting for more than 30 minutes and then standing up causes a very sharp pain.

An MRI (with contrast) will show what they call tarlov cysts or perineal cysts. It seems a lot of doctors won't tell you when you have them because they feel they are insignificant. Make sure you get a copy of your MRI report and read it over carefully. Most radiologists will put it in the written report.

Good luck. If you have any more questions for me, I will be glad to answer.
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  Hi...thanks for that info it is good to know there is a Dr willing to do something with these cysts...

Tethred cord can also occur as a result of having a cyst....not sure if they are all considered to be a tarlov cyst....and can generate more pain post op.

Please add this Drs name as well as what he does on the list of Drs....thanks again for this info and Drs name.
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