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Should I do the Tilt Table Test?

I saw a neurologist who specializes in POTS and he believes that it is important to do the tilt table test to rule it out.  I've only actually fainted a few times, but I definitely have all of the symptoms of POTS and have come close to fainting so many times if I am on my feet too long or in various other circumstances.  I currently take Propranolol which has helped with my heart troubles (used to have a lot of arrhythmias and my heart would race randomly) so I am wondering if it is even worth the test.  I've had cardiologists (one who looked up POTS on wikipedia while I was sitting in the room...) who have told me it's not worth going through the test for the diagnosis because treatment of symptoms would be the same, however I'm not quite sure how much to trust who because they all say different things!  This would be the best time in terms of insurance and job flexibility for me to do it, but is it necessary?  Or is this doctor just overly gung-ho about the test?  Will it make a difference to actually have a diagnosis?  Thanks!!
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  It  is a related condition so well worth it to have it ruled out if this Dr feels you possibly have it....with a drop attack there are no advance warnings with issues like hot flashes etc...you are fine one moment and the next you are aware you are mid-fall but  no idea why and unable to react or call for help.It also took time for me anyway to be able to communicate and get up and move and I was extremely nauseated after.

If you can, have the testing....one more thing to rule out or in,,,,,
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  Hi...I had drop attack which many people confuse for passing out....and if it is a drop attack then a tilt table test may not show anything.....

It really depends on what other symptoms you have....I did not have a tilt table test...and y drop attacks stopped with my surgery.

Having the right Dr is key and it is frustrating as it is difficult to know whom to listen to....all we can do is research the condition, and ALL related conditions and the Drs we go to see and choose a true Chiari specialist....they will know if a tilt table is required....
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Interesting, I have definitely passed out twice and woke up not sure where I was for a little bit or how I got there.  Other times, I've just gotten symptoms like extremely lightheaded, feeling like I'm in a fog and hot and cold flashes (all of which I felt before I fainted).  The doctor that I did see wants to distinguish between POTS and fainting spells because he says that POTS must be treated with medication.  The thing is, I think I'm on the medication so getting the test would only just give me the actual diagnosis.  Part of me wants to just know for sure if I have it or not, but I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble?  He doesn't specialize in Chiari but is extremely knowledgeable about POTS...
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