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Sinus sensitivity/headache?

With Fall finally starting to show it face around here (for us that means we have ditched triple digits and r celebrating being in the low 90s) and me catching my yearly case of 'Fall Cleaning' (see im so messed up I do Fall cleaning instead of Spring cleaning) kicking in I decided to tackle some of my garage today. Well all the dust and dirt (oh the joys of living in the desert!) have made for a knarly sinus headache!!! I can't remember having a sinus headache like this in a LONG time...any one notice more sensitivity to sinus headaches post CM surgery?
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My daughter has always had sinus infections and now 5 months after CM surgery she is having the allergy symptoms full throttle...stuffy head, sneezing, sore throat and a headache!  Yuck!  So she's on Zyrtec along with Diamox and Topamax.  Here's hoping everyone feels better soon!
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I have been having major HAs with this sinus infection I'm fighting now! It started as an allergy. I started using a sinus rinse kit that my ENT recommended, but you can find it at most any drug stores. I usually rinse after I clean b/c the dust makes me sneeze. I haven't had any allergy problems until I stopped rinsing! It helps get the infection under control. My PFD was 5 years ago, but I had another surgery 5 months ago, so I'm more sensitive to sinus inflammations and infections!

In hindsight, I should have gone in to get a cortisone shot at the first sign! One day I will learn!
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  I always have an issue with sinus, especially with the season changes...something with the temps and all the other changes that affect me....

  I am taking antihistamines since I went to the ER as my Dr said to use them with the pain meds, I found that they were helping me sleep....and I felt so much better my Post Nasal Drip  is much better....so I am finding daily use of them helps...non drowsey formula for daytime and the drowsey one b4 bed...working great for me : )
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Thanks for all the feedback!! I'm glad it's not only me having super sensitive sinusses. I'm definitely NOT used to the whole sinus/allergy thing...I think it may be a bit more than allergies because Benedryl and Sudafed aren't doing anything!!! I've just switched to Tylenol Severe Sinus which seems to work best (for me anyways).
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Are sinus headches and chiari related? And how do you know if its a chiari headache or sinus headache?
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  Hi...I did reply to ur other post and I did explain that yes, they are related u can have a sinus issue with Chiari....and it is very hard to know which is causing the issue....trying sinus meds is a start, more times then not, u will not get much relief as I am sure some of the pain is Chiari.

But taking the sinus meds will at least help some if a Dr does DX u with a sinus issue ...do not assume and self medicate.
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