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Sleep position

I struggle every night, fighting with two pillows, then one.  Has anyone been told that propping up your head at night is a good idea?
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  Hi...sleeping is one of the most diff since many of us just can not get comfortable....and then when we do, it doesn't last long till the pain starts.I was told to sleep on my side...not stomach as it is not good for the neck....flat on the back is not good either.....for me it is too much pressure , plus I have reflux and need to be on an incline.

The problem with sleeping on my side is I also have EDS and my shoulder pops in and out of joint and it hurts as well as my hip...

U do not want to prop ur head up if iti is creating a big gap from the bed to where ur head is again u r affecting ur neck and thrusting ur head forward....

If u want to use pillows u need to use them from ur hips on up and it is easy to slide off them....

The best place I found to sleep is my DD's sofa....I can lay half on my side  half on my back leaning against the back of the sofa and being able to be on an incline using the pillows...I do not roll onto my side so my hips and shoulders do not hurt....
It is kinda like being in a hospital bed with a roll behind u so u can be on that angle...that is how the nurses had me post op....and I find it the best for me.

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I sleep on my side with my arm crooked under my pillow, but I flop between both sides all night long. I wake up in pain anyway. Laying down is VERY painful for me for more than 5-10 minutes. I used to have major problems falling asleep because I'd be in intolerable pain before I'd fall asleep. I take Ambien now and that problem is solved, I fall asleep fast and don't notice the pain, even though I am in pain. Occasionally I wake up in the middle of night and I'm usually hurting a lot and have to take a pain pill.
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The greatest mystery of my adult life... I sleep with a cervical pillow atop a smaller memory foam pillow. I sleep with a body pillow which I can move side to side, On a heating pad to loosen my back and legs and I sleep wit my temp set at my setting you must figure that out, with a fan on me. I take Vistril 1-2 50mg as needed if I need more I'll add a unisom I also take pain meds and Musle relaxers. If its one of those nights I move to the leather recliner with my heating pad and blanket under me and my covers. But I must always have my Eye cover for darkness!!! I have trouble with all forms of sleeping both arms go numb as do legs so I am right there with u!!!!
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Thank you for posting! I am am having trouple sleeping as laying down makes me feel uncomfortable. I am going to try sleeping reclined on my side but leaning slightly back against pillows or the sofa back.. that may work for me. I think I will just need to take some sleeping pills to learn how to fall asleep like that. Will take some getting used to.
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