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Sleeping issue

What is the best way to sleep. I was propped up in a chair and it caused my back, behind and legs grea discomfort. For days I felt sore and could barely sit down. I tried sleeping in my bed using a flat pillow and a thin blanket I rolled up like the nurses did in the hospital to hold up my neck. I slept fine but it seemed to aggravate my head and neck and the began to swell. I saw the ns and he said my incision was fine. So I decided to use all my big pillows and sleep at an angle like in the hospital and this worked the best I slept almost all night and the swelling started t go down but today I noticed a wet spot on my incision. It's not a leak that's running down my neck but just a spot that's sore. When I touched it it felt wet like a wet or waxy ear. Do I have a leak or I'm I irritating it by lying on my back. I'm so stressed out if I lay on my stomach I swell up if I lay on my side my body aches so I lay on my back and sleep great but I have a new pain on my head. What should I do?
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Sorry for the trouble sleeping.  I had this also when I tried to sleep.  You sleep on how you are compfortable.  Far as the wet spot you need to go have that checked, it may be nothing then it may be some attention.  Like the old saying it better safe than sorry.  Sleeping will get better I promise cause it took me about two months back ohome to learn to sleep again.  It depends on where I sleep at on how I sleep.You can say a trial and error process.

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  Hi...sleeping can be a big issue post op...ur chair was not a recliner?...aww that must have been very uncomfortable....

Have u tried to be partly on ur back, and side...not sure how to explain it but the nurses rolled a blanket for me too, but had it behind my back I was on my side and then rolled onto it so I was leaning back, but my head was still on it's side...I was not flat on my back...this still works best for me now....

I also have many pillows so I am on an angle.....

How this helps <3
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Thanks guys the incision is fine. Selma I understand what u mean and it works well for me too. I prop up all the pillows using the huge king size decor ones and then I place my big fluffy ones.  Once I'm done its like a L shape. I throw myself in and I'm so comfortable as I'm on my side while my back is lying on/against the pillows. Thanks for everything.
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I'm not sure if you have one, but what worked best for me was a recliner with a pillow behind my head. This is still how I am not most comfortable :)

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Happy to hear that u have a comfy way to sleep....my only issue is my hip and shoulder sublex from time to time....I wish I had a hospital bed as I think that would be the best for me...lol...

@ Sara_Jane19
  I also used a recliner for the first few weeks....it was a huge help....and was safer then risking getting hit in the head by my DH as he thrashes a lot...lol...

When in the recliner....I still did not rest on the back of my head...I still do not...but we all can see what works best....

Glad u found what works for u : )
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So I went for my sleep study last night. I was shocked. I slept all night. I had been so exhausted from the last three days of not sleeping and being in incredible pain that I actually managed to fall  asleep after some of the pain subsided. (For a while, I thought I was going to have to leave the study and go to the hospital. Pain has been awful. )  She said she can't give me a full report but it appears as though I only had a few minor incidences during the night. I'm guessing that means I don't have sleep apnea.  So, I'm back to square one, trying to figure out how to get some sleep at home.
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