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Snoring like a truck driver ... no disrespect! :-)

Does anyone else have this symptom?  It has been life-changing for me.  My husband and I sleep in separate rooms because of my snoring.  In fact he can hear it from one end of the house to the other with the bedroom door closed.  It wakes me during the night, so even if I can sleep through the pain, I can't sleep through the snoring.  Has anyone found something that gives relief to this annoying symptom?
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  My DH is saying the same thing....lol...not that he is ne better...lol...

I do not know what helps.,....but if u snore u should be tested for sleep apnea,....rule it out as it can be an issue for many of us.
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I have the same problem. I snore so loud I get kicked to the couch and my wife can still hear me with the bedroom door shut. I was dxd with sleep apnea and can't wear the mask because I am claustrophobic.
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I'm with Selma here -- it's probably time to get checked for apnea. Many of us with Chiari have it. Mine is so much better post-decompression. I have a C-PAP machine but can't use it because I can't stand the pressure of the straps on my scalp -- too much nerve damage from my surgeries...
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I was afraid of that.  I just keep thinking "One more dr. appt.".  
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Before my surgery I had a blocked sinus cavity that I was unaware of but my ns saw it on one of my mri's. The entire prescribed fluticasone nasal spray.  As soon as I started it, my snoring stopped which was a pleasant side affect, especially for my dh! Even tho the sinus is long since cleared, dh reminds me every day to use the spray lol.  I don't  have sleep apnea so I don't know if this would help, but I thought it was interesting.
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Wow!  That would be awesome if the solution was that simple!  I think I'll get in touch with my NS and see if he can take a look for me!  Thank you!
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  I know there is a new way to get air without the straps....check into some ways the Cpap can work for u....

I have that spray, but it is just recently that my snoring is getting out of hand ...again...lol...so could be I need something like that as I feel I have more PND again...so could be a sinus issue with me as I do not have sleep apnea I was tested.
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