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Stange feeling while sleeping.

I experience a very strange feeling while I was sleeping last night. I kind of woke up, but I could not wake up! My mind was awake and I was feeling my body asleep, I was panicked, I thaugh I was in distress. When I finaly managed to open my eyes I saw it was 4h am and I felt asleep again and I woke up extremly tired at 7h am. I have a c-pap.

Did anyone ever experiment someting like that? It scared me out.
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  Sounds like it could be Sleep paralysis .Sleep paralysis  is associated with sleep that may occur in healthy persons or may be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations. The pathophysiology of this condition is closely related to the normal hypotonia that occurs during REM sleep.When considered to be a disease, isolated sleep paralysis is classified as MeSH D020188. Some evidence suggests that it can also, in some cases, be a symptom of migraine.

  Do talk to ur Dr about this..

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Thank you Selma. I'll trie to have hold to my doctor.
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  Do keep us posted....

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I had something strange happen to me the other night, similiar. Its hard to explain. I was awakened  but couldnt wake up. It felt like My body was shaking,involuntarily... i felt extremely nauseated in my sleep. I ignored it and fell back to sleep...i remember dreaming that i was vomiting, i guess from the nausea, but I couldn't move to get up to run to the restroom.(Weird explanation i know) I find it strange. That's the very first time that has happened to me. But I often wake myself up with jerks, as if something startled me in my sleep. My Boyfriend and kids tell me I snore alot, I cry in my sleep. I often have to get up when I can, to walk around cause my limbs fall numb/asleep. Does that happen to you.???
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  If u snore alot...u should have sleep apnea ruled out if not already....

The jerks or muscle spasms could be a number of diff things...low levels of vitamins and minerals...EDS, or just the chiari itself and the nerves misfiring.

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As Selma says, sounds a lot like sleep paralysis :) and definitely mention it to your doctor but don't worry prematurely that its something wrong, again as she said it can it can be perfectly healthy. I've had it since I was I was a child and am used to it. I've also been sleepwalking since I was a child. Its just part of the way I sleep.

Are you on Amitriptyline? its just that I was warned when I was put on it that one of its rare side effects is sleep paralysis and may increase my episodes.

Also about jerking and muscle spasms, before my surgery I got them a lot at night all over my body. They sometimes woke me up and often would give me issues falling to sleep. They were the reason doctors wanted a full spine MRI as they thought they may find something, however they didn't! After my decompression the night jerks got increasingly worse, I felt like I was jumping out of bed sometimes. I mentioned it to my neurosurgeon and he just said my body was in shock and it would calm down soon. Which it has, I don't know when I just know it doesn't happen anymore.

Jo :)    
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This happens to me a lot! it feels kind of like someone is sitting on top of me when i wake up and i can open my eyes but i cant move my body and sometimes it feels hard to breath or i fall back asleep its very scary i hate this feeling!
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