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Strange Sensation

Hi All.
My 15 year old son (6mm CM) has been getting more and more symptoms. He's now getting pins and needles, tingling and numbness in the toes on both feet and his left foot. Most of the pain, tingling and numbness is down his left side.
For the last couple of weeks he's been getting a strange feeling that everything is moving quicker than it should.. he know it's not.. just feels like it is.
Anyone get anything like this? Any ideas on what it could be?
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  Good luck w/Dr Jackie!!


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Thanks all for your replies. We have an appointment later this month with NL. No prizes for guessing what he'll tell us it is. :(
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  Hi Jackie...it does sound like it could be vertigo.....

the issues on the left could indicate the CSF obstruction is on the left or affecting the left.

I had all my issues with my left side as well.

  Numbness, tingling etc.....

   When I had vertigo I had to turn to my right as well or it got worse....it is a very odd condition with very odd symptoms.

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Hi Jackie,
                 I get this or some thing like it. the doctors tell me it is vertigo. I thought vertigo was just the room spinning or the sensation that you are spinning but it is much more than that. The body's balance mechanism is very complex involving many different parts of the body including the brain, inner ear, eyes, nerve sensors in the neck area and our feet. if any of these are not working it can cause problems. I have Vertigo and Nystagmus (rapid eye movement) the symptoms of nystagmus for me is an unsteady field of vision, I get this sensation of the world around me is moving, hard to describe.

Vertigo and Nystagmus are is common symptoms in CM
Here are some links with info on vertigo....


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I experience something like this after I've been driving or in a car for awhile...after the vehicle stops, it feels like it's still moving to me.  It makes me re-check my parking brake just to be sure; however, I always discover that it's just "me".  Sometimes the world takes a "quick spin" to me and I have to hold onto something and steady myself.  Just one of those "CM1" things I guess!
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