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Sun Sneezing

This is just for my own curiosity, but are any of you sun (or bright light) sneezers?  Apparently about 20% of the population are; I am.  

In any case, just curious.
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  No, but could u share more as to how this affects u?
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Any time I walk into a bright light or sunlight, I will sneeze, often more than once.  If I feel a sneeze coming on, I can look into a light bulb and sneeze almost 100% of the time.  It's kind of nice, I never have sneezes that "die" leaving me hanging.

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  Had no idea about this .....I get weather related sneezes....but not lights.

  Do u know what causes it? y the light is a trigger?
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No, and apparently the mechanism isn't well understood by anyone.  It *seriously* is referred to as Autosomal dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst (ACHOO) syndrome.  Wikipedia has a nice article about it.

I was just wondering after I looked at my light to bring on a sneeze while I was doing research on 1) how rare Chiari is; 2) how few people have surgery for it; and 3) How rare a Lacunar Infarct is that's not related to hypertension is.

It got me thinking about all of the things that I experience each day that are off the radar of traditional medicine.
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  LMAO...sorry but that is funny : )

  WOW u r doing a lot of research.....

for ur #1- I really do not think Chiari is rare at all, only well informed and experienced Drs are rare...lol...

#2- surgery for Chiari?.....

#3- ?

This all has me thinking too....and many times I feel much of what I deal with daily is not on the radar of traditional medicine either....

I will check out that article tomorrow....sleep well : )
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It is funny. And while Chiari might not be all that rare, it certainly isn't common, subtract the number of surgeries from the diagnosed population and you'll get a pretty small number.

Apparently the number of LI's caused by any sort of trauma (not hypertension) is under 10% of all LI's, which is around 30% of all strokes.

In any case, I'm falling into a pretty small percentile, which makes it hard to determine things like preventative measures and risk factors.

My mother is a career ER nurse and was talking to a neuro PA about my MRI and he pretty much said "that *****. There's nothing you can do about that."  There's no research into how often it may happen because most of the people who have had an LI have high blood pressure, which is what all of the studies have been on.

So am I at an increased risk?  Is there anything I can do?  "That *****..."
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never occurred to me that $u(ks would be censored...
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I am always sneezing in the sun light and my girlfriend always teases me about it!
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It's been happening to me since I can remember! Rather irritating at times, but that's why I keep several pairs of sunglasses spaced at different places!
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  The only thing funny this is the acronym, not what it does as that I find very odd...and now to see others also have it.

LI...wish I knew more about these but I do not....but plan on doing more reading as a result of this thread.

I think that once u can get or locate a few Drs that will do research, like we have Drs with Chiari research, that the condition will become more well known and u may find there are more that have it....until MRI's were more commonly used for DXing issues other then cancers, more Chiari was found then they anticipated.....there are more with Chiari then MS!!

Not saying more with it is good, just that bcuz it is not well known, does not mean it is rare, it is just unknown, JMHO.
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Never realized there was a name for it, but I've been a sun sneezer as far back as I can remember. Love that "sun sneezer" description! Never thought about how to explain that so simply.)

Sometimes it is annoying and frustrating, but usually I appreciate it. I will say I have had to learn how to sneeze differently since my Chiari life started, though! Had a few bad experiences with pressure, pain, dizziness, black out, etc. initially. Now I open my mouth, too, and bend over at the waist. Gross, I know, but it does help with the pressure and reduces the force.

Best wishes,
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Me too!! I've heard it's genetic. My dad and I have competitions about who's going to sneeze first :)
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I thought I was the only one who sneezed wen I went out into the sun. I don't sneeze so much in bright lights.
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