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Surgeon in Dallas?

Can anyone recomend a surgeon in Dallas?
My pain leval and headaches are not that bad, just often and I guess increasing.
My main problem is my balance and eyesight. The erratic eye movements and never knowing from one minute to the next if I will be able to read or walk is the biggest problem. I can not do my work like this.

Does anyone know of someone with experience???
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Hi...sorry I do not know ne one in TX....many with chiari have found they need to travel to get to a chiari specialist.....do u know ur herniation?....u have symptoms that indicate u need to be seen....how far, and where will u travel to...I will look for drs and I am sure others will add what they know.

I hope u continue to post here , it's a grat place for support.

Good luck
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The one specialist I am familiar with...in talking to only....is Dr. John Oro...in CO....Dr Oro is well known and highly regarded in the chiari community.
I did find in an old thread the following dr....I know nothing at all about him. It can be difficult to locate a specialist near u.

Search online for Dr. George, Austin Texas ....again this is not a reccommendation....just a name I found...please research and find the dr right for u.

I hope u continue to post here, it's a grat place for support!

Good luck
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Dr. Richard Jackson
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Dr. Stephen Fletcher is in Houston, TX.  I know that he is very knowledgeable about Chiari.  Other than that, I can't say much, but wanted to pass the name along.

Check out the conquer chiari . org website to see more info on him.

I hope that you are able to find a good physician.


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