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Surgery Aug. 23/Gotta question too, thanks!

Hi all!!  So sorry I've been away from the forum lately.  It's really been tough.  I have news!  I'm headed for decompression surgery on Aug. 23 at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx.  Dr. Rick Abbott will be performing the surgery.  I'm very scared and nervous. However, I know this is my only hope to getting well.  I'm trying to stay positive and will keep doing so.  I know this will only aid in helping me get well and my recovery.  

Question:  My surgeon is actually surgically removing the compressed portion of my cerebellum.  He used to perform the duraplasty, but does it like this now.  In his experience, he feels more patients have less headaches and pressure by performing it this way.  The dr. reassured me that this procedure is very safe and no further cerebellur damage would be caused.  I still feel uneasy about it.  I want to put my trust in Dr. Abbot.  Can't help but get the willies about it.  He explained also that the compressed portion is useless anyway and needs to come out.  Has anyone else had this done to them?  I would love to hear your feedback.

Thank you so much.
Christine XO
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Hi stranger !!...it has been a while. Do post ur surgery date in the surgery date thread and ask someone to post updates on ur progress : )

  Christine, can u expand a bit..do u mean this dr removes the herniated tonsils? Bcuz there r many areas that can be compressed and many times the tonsils r not compressed, but r compressing the brain stem, so I am confused as to what u mean.

But from the fact that u said the compressed portion is useless neway, leads me to believe u mean the tonsils....the practice of removing them is really old school,...and some of the newer techniques do not include that. Will he be doing a laminectomey?

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I am with you in that I don't like the sound of that. It sounds like you need to ask more questions. Removing any part of the brain, is really nerve wracking, and for him to say that the part he is removing is useless, makes me even more nervous.
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